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May 2021 Articles


Dog Training Elite: No Dog Training Required

Named America’s #1 Dog Training Franchise, Dog Training Elite was built on a foundation of over 40 years of experience from its founder, John Mestas. It offers seven different types of training that are not commonly found with its competitors: Obedience, Puppy Services, Service Dog Training, Personal Protection, Anxiety and Aggression Training, Service Dogs for Military/Retired Veterans, and Therapy Animal Training. By Charlotte Wagner


Paul Davis Restoration: Former Marine Sergeant Finds Success

For Tom Culver, joining the Marines was a significant turning point in his life. “Marine training is designed to take individuals who are highly motivated, but raw, and instill military discipline and initiative,” Culver noted, describing the mental toughness he learned during his military career. By Jessica Jones


CorporateConnections: Big Incentives for Military Veterans

International powerhouse CorporateConnections® wants military veterans to know how much the brand values their contributions and service. “We offer a 25% discount off the initial franchise fee for veterans,” said Matt Gerding, global director of franchise development. By Lizzy Yeserski


1Heart Caregiver Services: U.S. Navy Veteran Finds His Niche

Ram Malayan served in the U.S. Navy for 20 years, stationed in Yokosuka, Japan, and Hawaii before retiring in 2005. The experience enabled the native Filipino to travel to various parts of America – completing boot camp in San Diego, attending engineering school in the Great Lakes of Illinois and carrying out his first tour of duty in Norfolk, Virginia. By Jessica Jones


Tint World: Gaining the Freedom of Time

After an 11-year career in the U.S. Army, Thaddeus Grage worked a short time in law enforcement before eventually becoming the owner of an aftermarket performance shop. From there, his interest in the automotive industry grew, and what initially began as a search for an automotive maintenance franchise resulted in Grage becoming the new owner of an existing automotive-styling franchise location: Tint World Gulfport, Mississippi. By Cindy Charette


Hofbräuhaus: Drawing on Experience as an Air Force Avionics Expert

Linda Carlins Herrera joined the Air Force directly after high school and was specially trained to work on aircraft avionics systems – a skill she would use later in life while working for NASA as a test engineer for the space shuttle program that built the International Space Station. By Jessica Jones


NerdsToGo: Great Incentives for Veterans and First Responders

NerdsToGo, Inc. is celebrating great strides since becoming part of Propelled Brands in September 2020. Propelled Brands was formed by FASTSIGNS International, Inc., parent company of FASTSIGNS®, the leading sign, graphics and visual communications franchise company. Under the Propelled Brands umbrella, NerdsToGo is flourishing and has recently signed two new franchisees to the NerdsToGo franchise family. By Rose Mango


MADabolic: Functional Workout Motivates a Decorated Combat Veteran

As a decorated combat veteran and graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Shawn Gundrum takes his training routine very seriously. A former CrossFitter who spends at least five days in the gym each week, the Arlington, Virginia, resident has long been fascinated by functional fitness aimed at protecting and preserving the body. So when he learned about the MADabolic concept in 2018, he had to try it. By Jessica Jones


Military Appreciation Month

Veterans interested in franchising have a unique partner on their side. VetFran is a non-profit entity of the International Franchise Association Foundation (IFA), designed to assist veterans in finding their perfect franchise fit among a plethora of other services, such as reducing the cost of entry for veterans who wish to open a franchise. By Matt Wiggins


Honest Abe Roofing: Outgrowing a Career and Finding the Right Fit

For more than 14 years, Kevin Koelsch worked as a specialty contractor, installing interior finishes and industrial insulation for corporate clients. It was a career he once enjoyed but eventually outgrew. With no solid path forward, Koelsch began to explore other options. By Jessica Jones


1-800 Water Damage: Diving in Headfirst to Help Others

Fred and Lisa Arthur strive to “be the buffalo” every day in their 1-800 WATER DAMAGE business. As Fred explained: “In Colorado, when storms come over the Rockies, herds of cows will start running away and then they get enveloped, whereas buffalo will head face-first into the storm and take it all on. So that’s our motto: We go headfirst into the storm.” By Lizzy Yeserski



Daily Jam: Embracing the Marketing Muscle of Micro-influencers

Daily Jam is recognized by renowned foodies for its fresh take on breakfast and lunch dining. But innovation isn’t confined to the menu or restaurant concept. Berekk Blackwell, Daily Jam franchise president, has also employed cutting-edge marketing strategies, harnessing the power of social media micro-influencers to help build the brand and consumer engagement. By Jessica Jones


Creating Access to Franchise Opportunities for Black Entrepreneurs

The Black Franchise Leadership Council (BFLC) joined the ever-expanding International Franchise Association (IFA) in February 2021 as part of the IFA Foundation and Diversity Institute. The timing of this launch during Black History Month was impeccable, as the council strives to bring awareness to the black community of entrepreneurs. By Rose Mango


HomeWell Care Services: A Young Entrepreneur Finds Freedom and Financial Success

Lou Romano Jr. earned his MBA from Iona College, New York, then followed a corporate path, working in the pharmaceutical industry and specializing in prescription marketing campaigns. But an entrepreneurial spirit compelled him to seek opportunities to own his own business. By Cindy Charette


FranServe Announces Its Annual FRAN-TASTIC 500

Franchise ownership undoubtedly changes lives. Identified as one of the most seamless and unproblematic ways to fulfill an entrepreneurial dream, the well-established path is commonly viewed as a doorway for those seeking to be their own boss – one that is ripe with opportunity and international recognition. By Jessica Jones


Shop Talk

What’s the Best Franchise to Own? (Asking for a Friend)

What’s the Best Franchise to Own? That’s a very common question because everyone wants to pick a successful brand to own that will be profitable and enjoyable. That means different things to different people. Franchises are like ice cream, there is more than just one flavor, so everyone can choose their favorite one. By Alesia Visconti


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

As attorneys, we protect our clients with the contracts we write, the clauses we negotiate, and the words we choose. However, words are not magic and not the end of the discussion in any legal analysis or dispute. The words are a road map and documentation of what the parties intended the legal relationship to be, but they aren’t the “last word,” so to speak, in most instances. By Tom Spadea


Facebook Tips for Franchises and Small Businesses

Near the end of 2020, I started another new podcast with my colleague Mike McDowell, director of operations at Social Joey. Mike is a Certified Facebook Ad Buyer and Business Manager, and we chat regularly so Mike can update me on new Facebook changes and how these changes will affect Franchises and small-business owners. By Jack Monson


Franchise Opportunity in a Hot Market

Stephen Preuss, CEO, and Erik Helgesen, President of Paymore, were on a recent episode of the Franchise Business Radio show. Paymore is an emerging, fast-growing franchise opportunity in one of the hottest markets – electronic sales. Tune in and learn about Paymore’s offerings, whether you are a customer that is looking to upgrade your electronic devices or if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur considering a business.


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