31 07, 2021

Manduu: Transforming Fitness Into Happiness

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Mandy Oakes, director of client experiences for Manduu America, isn’t just promoting the revolutionary physical impact of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) workouts. She is witnessing firsthand the inspirational stories coming through Manduu studio doors nationwide. By Heidi Lubrani


30 06, 2021

Manduu: The Hottest New Fitness Phenomenon

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Manduu’s revolutionary new whole-body fitness program is exploding in popularity. As the first Food and Drug Administration-approved electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) strength training program in the country, Manduu uses state-of-the-art technology to provide an efficient low-impact workout By Lizzy Yeserski


31 03, 2021

Manduu: Passion & Commitment

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When McKenzie Redden’s beloved grandmother passed away in 2018, Redden and her family wanted to do something meaningful to honor her memory. As a nod to their matriarch’s passion for health and wellness, in 2020 they opened a Manduu fitness franchise in Austin, Texas, where Redden runs the studio as boots-on-the-ground director. By Lizzy Yeserski