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31 01, 2024

Mr. Transmission/Milex: Drive Your Future With a Record-Breaking Opportunity

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Each year, Americans drive 3.2 trillion miles, which puts a great deal of wear and tear on their vehicles. As many people look into how to help their vehicles last longer, they need knowledgeable mechanics who can provide superior service, and Mr. Transmission/Milex, a Moran Family brand, has been doing just that for over 50 years.  By Shelby Green


28 09, 2023

Tint World: Revved Up Energy and Passion

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As a leading auto accessory and window-tinting franchise, Tint World® Automotive Styling Centers™ frequently has been featured in the press. Recently, the renowned brand has experienced rapid coast-to-coast expansion in Wilmington, North Carolina; Bremerton, Washington; Brookfield, Connecticut; and Agoura Hills, California. By Nancy E. Williams


30 04, 2021

Tint World: Gaining the Freedom of Time

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After an 11-year career in the U.S. Army, Thaddeus Grage worked a short time in law enforcement before eventually becoming the owner of an aftermarket performance shop. From there, his interest in the automotive industry grew, and what initially began as a search for an automotive maintenance franchise resulted in Grage becoming the new owner of an existing automotive-styling franchise location: Tint World Gulfport, Mississippi. By Cindy Charette


31 10, 2020

It Was Meant to Be

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After dating his future wife Jennifer for only five months, Scott Martin knew she was his perfect match. So the Indiana-based Meineke owner did what any good franchisee would do: He invited her to attend the car-care company’s national corporate convention in Boca Raton, Florida, and dropped to one knee on the expo floor. By Jessica Jones