Mr. Transmission/Milex

29 04, 2022

Mr. Transmission/Milex: There Is Strength in Numbers

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BrightStar Care® is a nationwide franchise that provides a higher standard of quality in-home care. In December 2021, the brand commissioned Avalere Health to conduct a study that measured the client outcomes and cost benefits of BrightStar Care. By Cindy Charette


28 02, 2022

Mr. Transmission/Milex: The Definition of Resiliency

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Moran Family of Brands has grown to one of the largest automotive aftermarket franchisors in the nation, after years of successful company acquisitions. During that time of explosive growth, the franchisor worked steadily to establish best practices and a strong company culture, both of which are associated with all of its franchises, especially Mr. Transmission/Milex. By Brianna Bohn


30 09, 2021

Mr. Transmission/Milex: Women Rocking the automotive world

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As a part of the Moran Family of Brands, one of the largest automotive aftermarket franchisors in the nation and abroad, Mr. Transmission/Milex continues to have a tremendous impact on the automotive-repair and maintenance-services industry, even as the pandemic and the semiconductor chip shortage impact car owners. By Brianna Bohn


31 10, 2020

Providing Family Support

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Mr. Transmission specializes in the repair and installation of transmission systems and drive-train components, while Milex Complete Auto Care offers a wide menu of general automotive repair services. Both are part of the Moran Family of Brands. By Nancy E. Williams