1 01, 2021

Meineke: Franchisee of the Month: The McDuffees

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When Don McDuffee was only 5, he cracked open his broken Power Wheels truck and fixed it. Fascinated by cars, the mechanic-in-training saved all of his spare cash to purchase a beat-up Dodge Ram 50 when he was just 14. He worked on the hunk of metal with his father for two years, restoring it and turning it into a low-rider pickup just in time for his 16th birthday. By Jessica Jones


31 10, 2020

It Was Meant to Be

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After dating his future wife Jennifer for only five months, Scott Martin knew she was his perfect match. So the Indiana-based Meineke owner did what any good franchisee would do: He invited her to attend the car-care company’s national corporate convention in Boca Raton, Florida, and dropped to one knee on the expo floor. By Jessica Jones