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28 04, 2023

FranServe, Inc.: Franchise Consulting Fits Great With Motherhood

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In honor of Mother’s Day, we wanted to pay tribute to working mothers and learn how their career as a FranServe Affiliate Franchise Consultant has enabled them to support their families and have a healthy work-life balance that many mothers long for. By Nancy E. Williams


31 03, 2023


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It has been said that if you still have a pulse, then you still have a purpose. FranServe Certified Franchise Consultants (CFCs) are specifically trained and skilled at helping others realize their purpose in this life. Many miss out on their destiny because they sacrifice their destiny for “security.” By  Don Clayton


27 02, 2023


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FranServe Certified Franchise Consultants (CFCs) serve as “headlights” for their candidates seeking franchise opportunities. Oftentimes, people seeking a franchise get lost in all the weeds; they cannot see a clear path in front of them. Sometimes it can seem dark and lonely. By Don Clayton


31 08, 2022


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Often as certified franchise consultants (CFC) we hear words like glamorous or sexy in terms of the type of franchise one may want to own. Let’s face it, being an entrepreneur is something to be proud of! Unfortunately, the vast majority of everyday people only know of a handful of franchise options. By Don Clayton


31 07, 2022

FranServe: Your First Franchise? Consider These Low-Cost Industries

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Many budding entrepreneurs beginning their franchise search may think franchising is limited to only a few industries, such as restaurants or fitness centers. However, there are many more opportunities in the world of franchising. By Cindy Charette


30 04, 2022

What the Heck is a Franchise Consultant? Who’s Got Your Back?

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As a Certified Franchise Consultant (CFC), I hear stories all the time about how those who choose to go into business by themselves have a difficult time in so many ways. Figuring out all the procedures, marketing, budgeting, implementation, collections, and employee management, just to name a few, can be a difficult task for most people, which is one reason many turn to franchising. By Don Clayton


30 03, 2022

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

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Working with a CFC offers, at no cost to you, a true franchise professional to help guide you through the process of franchise ownership. Who couldn’t use an extra set of eyes, an extra set of ideas, an extra set of experiences, and someone who’s been properly trained in the field of franchise matchmaking? By Don Clayton