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31 03, 2020

An interview with Stefan Gastager, president of Hofbräuhaus America

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Hailing from Munich, Gastager was instrumental in bringing the world-famous brand to the U.S. He tells us why he decided to bring Bavarian culture to America and how the brand continues to expand today as its popularity grows.  By Rochelle Miller


31 01, 2020

Hofbräuhaus of America sets itself apart with its German dishes – and of course, beer!

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Featuring German food, lively music, a festive atmosphere – and its signature Hofbräu beer that has been brewing for more than four centuries, the Hofbräuhaus brand has been growing rapidly since becoming a franchise in America. By Rochelle Miller


31 12, 2019

Hofbräuhaus: Entertainment all year-round

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Hofbräuhaus of America is already kicking off 2020 with fun-filled, festive events planned throughout the year, keeping customers coming back not only for its authentic German cuisine, but also for the lively dining atmosphere that has been a cornerstone of the Hofbräuhaus brand. By Rochelle Miller