Hofbräuhaus of America

31 05, 2022

Hofbräuhaus of America: A Passion for Bavarian and German Heritage Brings Success

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Brian Windschitl, COO of Hofbräuhaus Buffalo, has brought his talent and passion for the hospitality industry to the Hofbräuhaus of America franchise. Windschitl has been overseeing the Buffalo, New York, location for the last two years, successfully navigating the challenges of COVID-19. By Cindy Charette


30 09, 2021

Hofbräuhaus of America: Unique Food Offering and a Variety of Business Models

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Featuring authentic German food and an undeniably festive atmosphere, Hofbräuhaus of America has grown rapidly since launching in the U.S. and franchising in 2005. Well-known for its extensive list of Hofbräu beers, the restaurant is also famous for its Bavarian cuisine, offering Weisswürste sausages, freshly baked pretzels, perfectly breaded Schnitzel, and genuine Käsespätzle – homemade German noodles with Swiss cheese. By Jessica Jones


31 08, 2021

Hofbräuhaus of America: Oktoberfest: A Month-long Celebration and World-famous Beer

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When Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese of Sachsen-Hildburghausen in October of 1810, the father of the groom spared no expense on what was later deemed the reception of the century. Serving top-of-the-line food and free-flowing beer to some 40,000 guests, the king is credited with hosting the most successful wedding in Bavarian history. By Jessica Jones


31 03, 2020

An interview with Stefan Gastager, president of Hofbräuhaus America

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Hailing from Munich, Gastager was instrumental in bringing the world-famous brand to the U.S. He tells us why he decided to bring Bavarian culture to America and how the brand continues to expand today as its popularity grows.  By Rochelle Miller


31 01, 2020

Hofbräuhaus of America sets itself apart with its German dishes – and of course, beer!

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Featuring German food, lively music, a festive atmosphere – and its signature Hofbräu beer that has been brewing for more than four centuries, the Hofbräuhaus brand has been growing rapidly since becoming a franchise in America. By Rochelle Miller