Hofbräuhaus of America

28 02, 2024

Hofbräuhaus of America: Celebrating 20 Years: Oktoberfest on the Vegas Strip

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In the early 2000s, the owners of Hofbräuhaus of America looked at the Las Vegas strip and thought, “There’s everything here in Las Vegas. There’s Italy and France, but where’s Germany?” By Kelsi Trinidad


29 11, 2023

Hofbräuhaus of America: From Munich With Love: Bringing Authentic Bavarian Culture to the U.S.

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Although there are thousands of restaurants and breweries in the U.S., none offer the same experience or atmosphere quite like a Hofbräuhaus franchise. Hofbräuhaus of America has been transforming the restaurant and brewpub industry for over 20 years, by providing a one-of-a-kind experience in each of its six franchise locations across the U.S. By Shelby Green


28 08, 2023

Franchisee of the Month: Karen Maslin, Hofbräuhaus of America

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Karen Maslin has been a sales manager at Hofbräuhaus in Newport, Kentucky, for almost 17 years. “I think a large part of the reason I have been here so long is because the owners, managers and staff have become family to me,” Maslin said. By Lizzy Yeserski


26 06, 2023

Hofbräuhaus of America: Celebrations Abound for an Iconic Brand

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For Hofbräuhaus, the celebrations keep coming. This past May, the brand’s Newport, Kentucky, location – the first U.S. Hofbräuhaus – marked 20 years in business. And now Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas is set to celebrate its 20th anniversary in March 2024, as the brand continues to honor its rich Bavarian roots. By Lizzy Yeserski


29 03, 2023

Hofbräuhaus of America: Multiple Franchise Models Offer a Customized Fit

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From Hefe Weizen and Maibock to Doppelbock and Lager galore, when you think of Germany, you think of great beer and food. With over 400 years of history rooted in brewing fine beers and serving Bavarian and German culinary delights, the Hofbräuhaus of America brand has been growing rapidly since becoming a franchise in the U.S. in 2003. By Elice Morgenson


26 12, 2022

Hofbräuhaus of America: An Award-winning Eatery Offering Authentic Bavarian Flavors and Ingredients

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Franz Krondorfer, vice president for Hofbräuhaus of America, LLC, has over 30 years of experience in the kitchen. A native of Linz, Austria, Krondorfer received a master chef degree in culinary arts in Germany. By Cindy Charette


30 10, 2022

Hofbräuhaus of America: Holiday Time With Lively Entertainment

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With the approaching holiday season comes the perfect opportunity for a Hofbräuhaus of America franchise to host holiday dinners for companies, families and those who want to gather. Hofbräuhaus of America franchises feature event rooms that can host larger groups and special events. By Cindy Charette