When Franz Krondorfer was designing the menu for Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas, he worked diligently to establish the food’s authenticity. By Jessica Jones

When Franz Krondorfer was designing the menu for Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas, he worked diligently to establish the food’s authenticity.

“I wanted the food here in the U.S. to be completely authentic, exactly the same as a Bavarian kitchen,” Krondorfer noted, ticking off savory options, like schnitzel and sausage, potato pancakes and Obatzda – a traditional Bavarian cheese dip made with cream cheese, paprika and brie cheese.

“Nothing on the menu is Americanized,” Krondorfer continued. “Our potato salad is the same recipe that’s served in Germany. Our sausages contain the same spices used in Munich. And while the majority of our food is produced on-site, made entirely from scratch, some staples, like sauerkraut, potato dumplings and apple strudel, are all imported. In order to stay truly authentic to that German flavor, we use only the best Bavarian ingredients.”

Krondorfer, who serves as vice president for Hofbräuhaus of America, LLC, has over 30 years of experience in the kitchen and has cooked for politicians, guests of the Bavarian government, tourists, and everyday diners during his three-decade culinary tenure.

His early cooking expertise placed him in dining establishments in Munich and London, followed by a sous-chef position on the Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise ship. For over a decade after that, he served as a tenant to the Bavarian state parliament, presenting elaborate dishes to Bavarian VIPs. Guests who visit Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas now experience that same treatment.

“Everything we do at Hofbräuhaus – even the glassware and the dishes the food is served on – is true to our German heritage,” Krondorfer said. “In this market, you need to be different from everyone else. That’s why we work so hard to make our food so unique.”

A native of Linz, Austria, Krondorfer received a Master Chef degree in culinary arts in Germany. He has lived in the U.S. since 2003, in preparation for the opening of Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas in 2004. Heavily involved in the kitchen design of Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas, Krondorfer worked with his three partners to create a contemporary, streamlined workspace and award-winning kitchen that performs as efficiently and powerfully as any German-engineered automobile.

“Our No. 1 seller is probably the Jaegerschnitzel, which is pan-fried and covered with hunter mushroom gravy,” Krondorfer said. “We put bacon on top of it – not hidden in the sauce – so that customers can see the ingredients as they’re eating the dish. But our sausages, pork roast, half chicken, and pretzels are also very well-received.”

As is the beer. Imported directly from the brewery in Munich and brewed according to the Purity Law of 1516, three varieties – Original, Hefe Weizen and Dunkel – are served to thirsty patrons in 41 countries.

“Our most popular beer is the Hofbräu Original,” noted Jessica Maass, marketing and office manager for Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas. “But our seasonal beers – Oktoberfest, Maibock and Dunkel Weizen – also perform very well.”

Culled from the original recipes of Wilhelm V, the Duke of Bavaria, Hofbräu beer ranges from full-bodied to fruit-forward, and the kitchen’s daily specials come complete with pairing advice.

“We have a salmon dish in a riesling sauce that is perfect with a wheat beer,” Maass noted. “And if there’s a goulash on special, we will always suggest a dark beer. It’s our way of providing a completely authentic experience for our guests.”

For more information about starting a Hofbräuhaus franchise, visit hofbrauhaus.us/franchise.

– Jessica Jones