N-Compass TV

28 04, 2023

N-Compass TV: Transform Your Life One Screen at a Time

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Running an N-Compass TV dealership can be a life-changing experience for entrepreneurs. Using a turnkey business model, authorized dealers sell advertising space in three, six or 12-month increments on digital billboards placed in local businesses. By Sarah Lindauer


31 01, 2023

Franchisee of the Month: Kevin Koz, N-Compass TV

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After a rewarding career in the Marine Corps, it was important for Kevin Koz to find a career that aligned with his family’s needs. During his search, Koz set up specific alerts for jobs and business opportunities that fit his criteria. When an alert for N-Compass TV popped up, he was intrigued by the flexibility of the job and how it would fit the needs of his wife’s salon and clothing businesses. By Elice Morgenson


26 12, 2022

N-Compass TV: Shaking Up the Advertising Industry

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N-Compass TV is at the forefront of the booming digital out-of-home advertising industry. With over 3,000 digital screens in restaurants, gyms, hair salons, car-repair shops and dozens of other businesses across the U.S., N-Compass TV meets consumers where they eat, shop, work and play. By Patty Horansky


29 06, 2022

N-Compass TV: In the Business of Supporting Local Business

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There are plenty of reasons to patronize small businesses within your community, whether it’s to support the local economy, be more environmentally friendly, or to enjoy a more personalized experience. Unfortunately for small businesses and emerging brands, one of the greatest growth challenges can be establishing awareness among a target customer base. By Tamara Rahoumi


29 04, 2022

N-Compass TV: Industry Changes Create Big Opportunity

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N-Compass TV is the Number One community-based indoor billboard network in the world. Taking the concept of outdoor billboards and bringing them inside, the digital-media brand utilizes proprietary software and stays ahead of market trends. By Nancy E. Williams