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30 04, 2021

Dog Training Elite: No Dog Training Required

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Named America’s #1 Dog Training Franchise, Dog Training Elite was built on a foundation of over 40 years of experience from its founder, John Mestas. It offers seven different types of training that are not commonly found with its competitors: Obedience, Puppy Services, Service Dog Training, Personal Protection, Anxiety and Aggression Training, Service Dogs for Military/Retired Veterans, and Therapy Animal Training. By Charlotte Wagner


31 10, 2020

A Highly Profitable and Fulfilling Opportunity

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Dog Training Elite’s founder, John Mestas, knew from an early age he wanted to pursue a career that allowed him to interact with dogs. He spent many years honing his training skills by entering dogs in obedience trials. In 1976, Mestas opened Arrow Kennels, named after his first obedience trial dog, Arrow. He began training dogs who boarded at the kennels, and before long, the training services offered by Mestas became the most lucrative aspect of the business.