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30 04, 2021

1-800 Water Damage: Diving in Headfirst to Help Others

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Fred and Lisa Arthur strive to “be the buffalo” every day in their 1-800 WATER DAMAGE business. As Fred explained: “In Colorado, when storms come over the Rockies, herds of cows will start running away and then they get enveloped, whereas buffalo will head face-first into the storm and take it all on. So that’s our motto: We go headfirst into the storm.” By Lizzy Yeserski


27 02, 2021

Paul Davis Restoration: Recession-Proof Opportunities

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Few commercial property owners think about a building’s piping system. It’s hidden and if it hasn’t leaked yet, it may be forgotten. But Andrew Golkin, a Paul Davis Restoration franchise owner based in suburban Virginia, does think about these issues. By Jessica Jones


1 05, 2020

A Commitment to Customers – and Their Pets – Results in Strong Loyalty

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As social distancing became the new norm, Wag N’ Wash in Lakeville, Minnesota, not only offered curbside pickup for customers – but also a big furry surprise. Customers received their orders courtesy of the Easter Bunny! By Rochelle Miller