27 02, 2023

1-800 WATER DAMAGE: Empathy Leads to Excellence

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From burst pipes to natural disasters, water damage doesn’t discriminate. Add to the mix a country with an aging infrastructure, and you have the perfect – and profitable – storm for a growing home restoration industry. By Sarah Lindauer


30 10, 2022

1-800 WATER DAMAGE: The Full Package

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1-800 WATER DAMAGE provides complete restoration relating to water damage, mold infestation and fire and smoke destruction. As the demand for restoration services rises due to unpredictable violent weather events and deteriorating infrastructures, the restoration industry has grown to over $210 billion. By Nancy E. Williams


30 08, 2022

1-800 Water Damage: Guaranteed Support and a Built-in Network

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1-800 WATER DAMAGE has shown incredible growth with almost 200 locations delivering exceptional service to clients across the country. The restoration experts treat water, mold and fire damage, and they have the support of an industry giant. By Nancy E. Williams


29 04, 2022

1-800 Water Damage: Everything Needed to Build a Great Business – Just Add Water!

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1-800 WATER DAMAGE is a rapidly growing property-restoration franchise, and there are many reasons why. The brand has access to an extensive network of support and the largest fleet of vehicles and equipment in the industry thanks to its parent company BELFOR, the largest restoration company in the world. By Brianna Bohn


30 03, 2022

1-800 Water Damage: A Backbone of the Community

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Nicole and Josh Smith own and operate their 1-800 WATER DAMAGE franchise in Southeast Tulsa, Oklahoma. Twelve years ago, Nicole met Josh at one of the properties she managed during one of the worst freezing seasons Oklahoma has ever seen. By Nancy E. Williams


31 01, 2022

1-800 Water Damage: Guided By Strong Relationships

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As an expert in water-damage restoration and emergency services, 1-800 WATER DAMAGE has been a source of comfort for those impacted by disasters since 1988. The mobile brand, which has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars for customer satisfaction according to ReviewTrackers, has cited several reasons for its success. But one stands out above the rest: its ironclad network of support. By Brianna Bohn