Paul Davis Restoration

31 01, 2023

Paul Davis Restoration: Building a Legacy While Helping Those in Need

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The Clifton family has operated multiple businesses together before, but so far, their Paul Davis Restoration franchise has been the most fulfilling. The family had vacationed on Florida’s Emerald Coast for years, so opening a shop in Panama City Beach felt right. By Lizzy Yeserski


30 11, 2022

Paul Davis Restoration: The Trusted Professionals

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When faced with the stresses of property damage, the last thing you want to worry about is how to locate a qualified person to do the work. Paul Davis Restoration, a leader in property damage restoration in the U.S. and Canada, brings over 50 years of trusted experience in a multi-billion-dollar industry that is in growing demand. By Elice Morgenson


29 10, 2022

Paul Davis Restoration: Restoring Hope

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Paul Davis Restoration is a company that often meets customers in their time of desperate need. Whether it’s a leak that has destroyed a homeowner’s flooring and ceiling, a stove fire or even the aftermath of a natural disaster, Paul Davis Restoration restores homes to their former glory. By Kelsi Trinidad


29 04, 2022

Paul Davis Restoration: Investing in a Helping Hand

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For more than 50 years, Paul Davis Restoration has been known for exceeding clients’ expectations with the highest-quality customer service for homeowners recovering from the unexpected. John Conway, director of franchise development, shared some exciting insight on plans in the pipeline. By Heidi Lubrani


28 02, 2022

Paul Davis Restoration: Climbing the Ladder from Temporary Hire to Owner

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When Sharon Green was hired as a temporary office worker at a North Carolina Paul Davis Restoration franchise in 2002, she made an immediate impact. Covering for the owner’s two-week vacation, Green received just one day of training and was tasked with simply holding down the fort. By Jessica Petrucelli


31 01, 2022

Paul Davis Restoration: A True Difference-Maker

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John Gugliotta became an entrepreneur when he was just 25, launching a small janitorial-services company that would later merge with Time Savers, a larger corporation, to provide well-respected construction support services in the greater Boston area. By Jessica Petrucelli


1 01, 2022

Helping a Community Recover After Battling Wildfires: Paul Davis Restoration

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Joel Moss does not mince words when he describes the everyday work of Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita: “This industry is reactive, fast-paced and challenging, with high demands.” By Jessica Petrucelli