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30 04, 2023

Territory May Be Your Scarcest Resource: Treat it Accordingly

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An often overlooked metric for many franchisors is the number of outstanding territories they have yet to award. For most new franchisors, selling out of territories seems like such a distant problem that they don’t give it any thought. When they think of scarcity, they think about franchisee lead scarcity. However, I would challenge franchisors to flip the equation if their goal is to maximize the long-term value of the brand. By Tom Spadea


30 09, 2021

Monetize Your Losses

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It is so tempting for a franchisor to only tout what they do well, the good decisions they have made, and the incredible systems they have built. Although it may sound counterintuitive, a big part of the value of experienced brands comes from all the things they didn’t do well over the years. By Tom Spadea


30 04, 2021

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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As attorneys, we protect our clients with the contracts we write, the clauses we negotiate, and the words we choose. However, words are not magic and not the end of the discussion in any legal analysis or dispute. The words are a road map and documentation of what the parties intended the legal relationship to be, but they aren’t the “last word,” so to speak, in most instances. By Tom Spadea


30 11, 2020

FDD Hero

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It’s that time again, when most franchisors start to think about updating their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for next year. Around the time this article gets published in early December, if you are a franchisor client of ours, you should be receiving your first “FDD Renewal Reminder” email. By Tom Spadea