Ace Handyman Services

31 10, 2021

Ace Handyman Services: Coming Full Circle

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When Beth Young left corporate America in 2020 after a high- profile career in supply chain and procurement, she wasn’t quite ready to hang up her hat. Though happy to relinquish the stress of managing 300-plus global teams, she looked for her next adventure. By Lizzy Yeserski


31 07, 2021

Ace Handyman Services: A Handyman Alliance With A Fresh Approach

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In 2019, Ace Hardware acquired Handyman Matters, to create Ace Handyman Services. This service connects the consumer with multi-skilled craftsmen, who are experienced, reliable, efficient, and provide superior service at reasonable rates. By Elice Morgenson


30 06, 2021

Ace Handyman Services: Now Is the Perfect Time To Start

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When Andy Bell founded Handyman Matters in 1998, he understood the importance of providing home repair services based on integrity and a simple code of ethics: making and keeping promises to homeowners. He also recognized that the home-repair segment represented a tremendous opportunity for growth. By Lizzy Yeserski


30 04, 2021

Ace Handyman Services: A Marine Corps Veteran Continues to Serve

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Richard Compton planned to open his Florida-based Handyman Matters franchise in March 2015. But when Pensacola News Journal published an article about his business a month sooner, Compton’s phone started ringing. “It put us out there, and it was a frenzy,” Compton recalled. By Lizzy Yeserski


31 01, 2021

Ace Handyman Services: Embracing Technology to Catapult Forward

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Way before the pandemic shuttered brick-and-mortar outlets, many companies had shifted operations online and prioritized innovation instead. Major players, like Ace Handyman Services, always valued the advantages that mobile- and home-based businesses offer, including low overhead expenses and flexibility. By Lizzy Yeserski