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28 09, 2023

Franchisees of the Month: Ramona & Brian Long, Money Pages

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Susan Nimnuan earned degrees in business administration and criminal justice while living in Michigan in 2005. However, she felt drawn toward a different field – healthcare – and followed in her father’s footsteps after graduation. By Lizzy Yeserski


30 07, 2023

Money Pages: Write Your Own Pages of Success

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If you were offered a minimal overhead franchise opportunity that allowed you to design your own schedule, champion businesses in your community and build relationships within a nationally brand-recognized and supportive infrastructure, wouldn’t you jump on it? By Lizzy Yeserski


30 07, 2023

Moustaki Authentic Gyros Rockets to Success With The Stanwood Group

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If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a thriving and profitable franchise, look no further than Moustaki Authentic Gyros. Moustaki Authentic Gyros presents an enticing franchise opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking a sensibly priced investment with exceptional growth potential. By Rose Mango


28 04, 2023

Ace Handyman Services: Veteran Finds Success Doing What He Loves

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After spending 30 years in the U.S. Army, Col. Michael Ball retired from his years of service in 2021 and was deciding where his next chapter in life would take him. Through the military’s Transition Assistance Program, Ball was introduced to the possibility of owning a franchise. By Kelsi Trinidad


30 09, 2022

Grand Welcome: Putting Personal Skills to Work In the Vacation Rental Business

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Whether you’re a property owner with experience managing a personal rental or you’re simply a business-minded individual with a knack for strong customer service, Grand Welcome is, quite fittingly, a welcoming franchise opportunity for just about anyone. By Tamara Rahoumi


30 07, 2022

Schooley Mitchell: High Degree of Portability

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In the franchising industry, most franchisors typically award their franchisees a territory in which to grow and scale their business while protecting that location from being overrun by the same brand. In some situations, however, being awarded a limited territory can have a downside. By Cindy Charette


1 01, 2022

Franchisee of the Month: James Mirabile, MD, Medi-Weightloss

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After seeing his patients struggle with weight, Dr. James Mirabile, a board-certified OB/GYN in Overland Park, Kansas, began to look into Medi-Weightloss as a way to expand his practice with weight-loss services. Before becoming a Medi-Weightloss franchisee, Mirabile spent a lot of time speaking with the corporate team and existing franchisees about the franchise opportunity. By Cindy Charette