Schooley Mitchell

30 08, 2022

Schooley Mitchell: Checking All the Boxes

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Before becoming a Schooley Mitchell franchisee, Rob Newcombe had a rewarding career within the corporate world across Canada and the U.S. Newcombe climbed the corporate ladder in senior sales and marketing roles until he got caught up in a restructuring that allowed him to look at the next best opportunity. By Cindy Charette


30 07, 2022

Schooley Mitchell: High Degree of Portability

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In the franchising industry, most franchisors typically award their franchisees a territory in which to grow and scale their business while protecting that location from being overrun by the same brand. In some situations, however, being awarded a limited territory can have a downside. By Cindy Charette


30 06, 2022

Schooley Mitchell: Discussing Exit Strategy

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Schooley Mitchell, the largest independent cost-reduction consulting firm in North America, is a well-respected and innovative franchise opportunity. The brand offers a comprehensive training program, state-of-the-art support systems, software tools and databases, a multimillion-dollar intranet environment, an innovative client protection system and something many franchisors don’t offer: a successful exit strategy. By  Cindy Charette


30 04, 2022

Schooley Mitchell: Limitless Franchise Opportunities

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Anyone who has owned a business can attest to the immense amount of business costs involved in keeping everyday operations on track. For some businesses, they can be the daily operational costs, and for others, they can be the expenses incurred from growing a company. By Kelsi Trinidad


28 02, 2022

Schooley Mitchell: A Dynamic Duo

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For almost two decades, Beth McMillan and Dennis Schooley have helped businesses across the U.S. and Canada save money and improve their services. After years of purposefully “slow” and “methodical” growth, the duo has built the largest independent cost-reduction consulting firm in North America. By Brianna Bohn