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30 08, 2023

LIME Painting: LIME: Love, Integrity, Mission & Excellence

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At the age of 19, Nick Lopez began painting houses during his summer breaks while attending Michigan State University to help finance his education expenses. Upon graduation, Lopez moved back to his native Denver to create his own painting company and make his mark on the home-improvement industry. By Kelsi Trinidad


31 07, 2021

Ace Handyman Services: A Handyman Alliance With A Fresh Approach

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In 2019, Ace Hardware acquired Handyman Matters, to create Ace Handyman Services. This service connects the consumer with multi-skilled craftsmen, who are experienced, reliable, efficient, and provide superior service at reasonable rates. By Elice Morgenson


30 06, 2021

Ace Handyman Services: Now Is the Perfect Time To Start

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When Andy Bell founded Handyman Matters in 1998, he understood the importance of providing home repair services based on integrity and a simple code of ethics: making and keeping promises to homeowners. He also recognized that the home-repair segment represented a tremendous opportunity for growth. By Lizzy Yeserski


27 02, 2021

Social Geek Radio: Reaching Out Through Social Media

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Some of the most exciting industries in which to start a business this year involve anything related to home-improvement or auto repair. Regardless of how the recovery goes and how quickly some local businesses open, travel will be limited or still just not an option for many Americans. It is likely that few will be flying off to Paris this summer. By Jack Monson


27 02, 2021

Honest Abe Roofing: Busy Season: 365 Days Per Year

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An upgraded bathroom, fresh landscaping or a new in-ground pool may top a homeowner’s wish list. Economic good fortune, however, is usually what dictates what items are “needs” and which are “wants,” so some home-improvement dreams do not always become reality. By Rochelle Miller