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1 11, 2021

Social Geek Radio: The Culture of Franchising

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For the past six months, I’ve featured a regular series of podcast episodes on Social Geek Radio about The Culture of Franchising. At in-person events organized by Franchise Update Media, MFV Expositions, and National Event Management, I have asked many franchisors, franchisees, and industry suppliers about the culture inside their organizations as well as the overall culture of franchising. By Jack Monson


30 09, 2021

Social Geek Radio: Q4: Serving the Customer

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I have no new news to share this month. But I do have some words of encouragement to all franchisees and future small-business owners: Welcome to October. Welcome to The Fourth Quarter of 2021. And, as one of my rock ‘n’ roll heroes once said, Welcome to the Jungle. By Jack Monson


30 06, 2021

Social Media to Help Franchisee Staffing Challenges

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It’s been terrific to get back out to in-person franchise events over the past few months. Organizations like National Event Management and MFV Expo have done a fantastic job of getting franchise brands and entrepreneurs together again to discuss opportunities face-to-face in great cities like Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Nashville, and many more. By Jack Monson


27 02, 2021

Social Geek Radio: Reaching Out Through Social Media

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Some of the most exciting industries in which to start a business this year involve anything related to home-improvement or auto repair. Regardless of how the recovery goes and how quickly some local businesses open, travel will be limited or still just not an option for many Americans. It is likely that few will be flying off to Paris this summer. By Jack Monson


31 01, 2021

The Official Music Genre of Franchising: Jazz

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I recently launched Season 12 of Social Geek Radio and thought perhaps it was time to update the podcast’s theme song. We had been using a Bach classical piece for the piano in an attempt to go a bit highbrow after using some real funky classic rock beats for the first few years. By Jack Monson


1 01, 2021

Social Geek Radio: The Power of Podcasts

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For the past few years, experts have described content as being “King” when it comes to marketing for brands and small businesses. And now it’s more important than ever to create more content to rise above the social media noise. For years we’ve recommended fresh blog posts on your website two to four times per month. By Jack Monson