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30 04, 2024

Heat Up Your Sales: Summertime Promotion Ideas

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Summer is the time to strengthen sales and deepen customer relationships. There are unique opportunities for franchises / small businesses to connect with customers, drive traffic and increase sales. If we think creatively, plan ahead and take certain steps, we can make the most of the season’s opportunities. By Jack Monson


27 02, 2023

Top 10 Franchise Travel Tips

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It’s now March and we’re in at the peak of travel season for franchisees, franchisors and supplier partners. Annual franchisee conventions, franchise expos, IFA events, and in-person discovery days will find many of us in and out of LAS, ATL, PHX, ORD and more! By Jack Monson


1 02, 2023

Avoiding Burnout

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My 2023 prediction: Franchising is going to see a big, busy year. More small-business owners will fight to grow their businesses. More franchisors will work hard to expand in an increasingly competitive marketplace. More franchise suppliers will shift and change their business models in order to evolve and innovate. By Jack Monson