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30 01, 2024

Learning, Sharing and Growing

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What do I love the most about the franchising space? The community and events! Other industries where I’ve spent time had some level of sharing and learning at a limited number of conferences. But franchising excels at setting aside competitive issues and working together to grow the model and many valued events. By Jack Monson


29 11, 2023

Acts of Service in Your Business

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At this fall’s Franchise Leadership and Development Conference in Atlanta, Ty Brewster of LocateAI got to town a bit earlier than the rest of us. Ty and our friend Kater Danford of Northeast Color, activated “Operation Sugarbomb.” They spent a day dropping off baked goods at various franchise companies and locations. What were they selling? Actually…nothing. By Jack Monson


30 05, 2023

Storytelling and Sticking to It

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Sergio came to America from Europe 21 years ago to take a logistics position at a Fortune 100 company in the Northwest. Several years later, cutbacks and layoffs occurred, and he needed to make a change. There were no similar corporations in the region and very few good job opportunities. Furthermore, Sergio saw that starting over with another company would probably lead to more of the same. By Jack Monson


31 03, 2023

Personal Branding

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Franchising is a highly competitive and dynamic business environment. With so many brands and concepts vying for entrepreneurs’ attention and so many local business owners competing for consumers’ attention, it’s essential for all of us to establish our own personal brands to stand out and succeed. By  Jack Monson


27 02, 2023

Top 10 Franchise Travel Tips

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It’s now March and we’re in at the peak of travel season for franchisees, franchisors and supplier partners. Annual franchisee conventions, franchise expos, IFA events, and in-person discovery days will find many of us in and out of LAS, ATL, PHX, ORD and more! By Jack Monson