30 04, 2024

Grimaldi’s® Coal Brick Oven Pizzeria: The Authentic Taste of New York City

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When thinking about the famous Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, it’s only natural to want a slice from Grimaldi’s® Coal Brick Oven Pizzeria. Utilizing a 100-year-old pizza-making tradition, the brand’s first location opened in DUMBO, down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass. Since then, the pizzeria has made a name for itself not only by boasting one of the absolute best views of the Brooklyn Bridge but also by making quintessential New York City pizza. By Kelsi Trinidad


28 09, 2023

FranServe: Helping Women Achieve Greatness

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Every day, Alesia Visconti, President and CEO of FranServe, Inc., strives to empower entrepreneurs, helping them achieve their dreams through franchising. In addition to helping women build a thriving business as a FranServe Affiliate Franchise Consultant, Visconti remains committed to bringing women to the table to help make important decisions about FranServe’s operations. By Nancy E. Williams


28 09, 2023

Congratulations to Alesia Visconti On Her Election to the Supplier Advisory Board of the International Franchise Association

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Alesia Visconti, our esteemed CEO, has recently been elected to the Supplier Advisory Board of the International Franchise Association (IFA). By Rose Mango


28 09, 2023

Why Women Excel in Franchise Ownership: 5 Characteristics to Showcase

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Since this issue is all about WOW: Women of Wonder, I will focus on female founders and franchisees. As you read more, you will hopefully realize there is opportunity for everyone. Showcase your diverse range of talents as an exceptional franchise founder or local franchise owner. By Dawn Abbamondi


28 08, 2023

Floor Coverings International: Building a Better Business Together

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Shelly Sekki found herself unexpectedly out of work after the marketing company she worked at for 20 years replaced her as president with the owner’s son. At this point in her career, Sekki couldn’t see herself working for somebody else, so when franchising was brought to her attention as an option, she wanted to learn more. By Cindy Charette


27 06, 2023

What’s the First Step to Franchising?

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The first step to franchising is to partner with a franchise consultant. A consultant will be an invaluable guide as you research the details of franchising. Your franchise consultant will not only help you to discover what type of business model you want to pursue, but will also help find the perfect franchise that is the right fit. By Rose Mango