1 02, 2023

The Unique Language of Franchising

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People involved in franchising have developed a specific language. The language describes processes, roles, agreements, and concepts. We want to share franchise terminology to help you become familiar with the common language used by all franchising companies. By Rose Mango


30 09, 2022

Legal: Just Say No

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I might be dating myself by recalling the anti-drug ads from the ‘80s and trying to relate them to franchising. The relevancy in my mind comes from the fact that restraint and saying no to something that feels good in the near term but will cause long-term pain is much easier said than done. By Tom Spadea


31 07, 2022

International Franchise Association: Pride Council Aids Inclusion and Understanding

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Each June, we celebrate Pride Month to show support for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies. This year the Pride Council, created in 2019 by the International Franchise Association Foundation, hosted a webinar discussing how different franchises approach their Pride Month. By Rikki Amos


31 05, 2022

International Franchise Association: Celebrating Pride Month & Juneteenth

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June is a big month of celebrations here at the International Franchise Association Foundation. Our Pride Council and Black Franchise Leadership Council (BFLC) are celebrating Pride Month and Juneteenth respectively, and we are taking this time to reflect on our progress and what’s to come. By  Rikki Amos


30 03, 2022

FranServe Leaders Attend the 2022 IFA Annual Convention

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With the goal to work closely with entrepreneurs in local communities and the excitement of showcasing that “the franchise industry is open for opportunity,” President Matthew Haller of the International Franchise Association (IFA) kicked off the 62nd annual IFA Convention. By Cindy Charette


27 02, 2021

What the Heck is a Franchise Consultant? Chapter One

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Every book starts with chapter one. In chapter one the setting is set, the main character is introduced and the plot begins. The excitement from the very first chapter should propel you into chapter two and so forth. By the time you’re in chapter 20, for example, you have more characters introduced, multiple settings and a thickened plot. By Don Clayton


31 01, 2021

Progress Over Perfection

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Striving for perfection is good but waiting to proceed until perfection is achieved is unnecessary. Sue Derene, FranServe Affiliate and Certified Franchise Consultant (CFC) puts it this way: “There’s no perfect time to go into business for yourself, but starting the process is progress!” By Don Clayton


31 01, 2021

The Official Music Genre of Franchising: Jazz

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I recently launched Season 12 of Social Geek Radio and thought perhaps it was time to update the podcast’s theme song. We had been using a Bach classical piece for the piano in an attempt to go a bit highbrow after using some real funky classic rock beats for the first few years. By Jack Monson


30 01, 2021

Family Business: The Backbone of Our Communities

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Family businesses are the backbone of our economy and our communities. Families have distinctive traits that are essential to building a business, and family members take a lot of pride in their business. Family enterprises are built with a sense of purpose, and going on the journey with someone you trust adds to the appeal. By Rose Mango