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March 2022 Articles


Signworld: Giving Back is a Win-Win

Pete Jackson is an affiliate of the Signworld Business Partners alliance, as owner-operator of Sign Distinction in San Diego, California. Jackson, a U.S. Army veteran who knows of many people who sacrificed greatly during the time they served, always wanted to give back out of obligation to his peers. By Nancy E. Williams


Schooley Mitchell: A Dynamic Duo

For almost two decades, Beth McMillan and Dennis Schooley have helped businesses across the U.S. and Canada save money and improve their services. After years of purposefully “slow” and “methodical” growth, the duo has built the largest independent cost-reduction consulting firm in North America. By Brianna Bohn


1Heart Caregiver Services: Record-high Growth While Making a Difference

Almost two decades ago, 1Heart Caregiver Services was founded. Grown from CEO Belina Calderon-Nernberg’s altruism, a trait instilled in her as a young girl in the Philippines, the in-home care agency has stayed true to its mission of “providing the best care for seniors” while expanding in a booming home health-care industry. By Brianna Bohn


Still On the Fence?

It is time to make a decision about owning your own business and join a growing home- or auto-services franchise. Last year, we saw home-services and auto-franchise brands grow. People are still – two years later – working from home, seeing improvements they want made (or deferred maintenance that should be completed) sooner than later. By Dawn Abbamondi


Honest Abe Roofing: Put an Exceptional Roof Over Your Head

Your roof may not feel like the most glamorous aspect of your home, but a good roof represents the safety of your house and is a major component of curbside appeal. Honest Abe not only puts a roof over your head that looks good, but it also makes sure its roofs are the absolute best in the industry. By Elice Morgenson


Mr. Transmission/Milex: The Definition of Resiliency

Moran Family of Brands has grown to one of the largest automotive aftermarket franchisors in the nation, after years of successful company acquisitions. During that time of explosive growth, the franchisor worked steadily to establish best practices and a strong company culture, both of which are associated with all of its franchises, especially Mr. Transmission/Milex. By Brianna Bohn


Paul Davis Restoration: Climbing the Ladder from Temporary Hire to Owner

When Sharon Green was hired as a temporary office worker at a North Carolina Paul Davis Restoration franchise in 2002, she made an immediate impact. Covering for the owner’s two-week vacation, Green received just one day of training and was tasked with simply holding down the fort. By Jessica Petrucelli


Transblue: Designed for Long-term Growth

According to recent sales numbers from Transblue – a leading general-contracting franchise that specializes in managing outdoor construction projects for residential, commercial, and municipal clients – homeowners are reinvesting in their homes in record numbers, and commercial construction is booming across the nation. By Jessica Petrucelli


FreeFlow Environmental: Flushing the Competition With a Cutting-edge Concept

After spending years as a franchisee of a sewer business with dismal profit margins, David Perdicaris knew he had to get out and redefine the drainage and plumbing industry. What began as a stressful and costly experience in Perdicaris’ life ultimately transformed into “one of the best things” that has ever happened to the FreeFlow Environmental founder and CEO. By Brianna Bohn


Wisdom Senior Care: Leaving the Corporate World to Serve Others

As a newer franchisee of Wisdom Senior Care, Brenetta Bethea’s business has been up and running in Charlotte, North Carolina, since January. Before becoming a franchisee, Bethea was tenured for 20-plus years in corporate health care as a human-resources professional and worked her way up to the director level. By Cindy Charette


PetNmind: Making a Difference After the Great Resignation

‘Why am I doing this?’ That is one of the many questions that members of the “Great Resignation” are asking themselves. For the sake of their health and sanity, they’ve resigned from the corporate rat race, from a job where they felt unappreciated and unrecognized. By Jorgette Krsulic



Runningboards Marketing: Three Reasons (NOT) to Buy a Franchise

In the franchise world, Runningboards Marketing (RBM) hasn’t been around as long as McDonald’s or 7-Eleven. After launching in 2018, the brand’s leadership quickly realized it had a special model that was perfect for franchising, and it did just that one year later. By Nancy E. Williams


Lapels Dry Cleaning: Adaptation Leads to 600% Growth

Lapels Dry Cleaning, which has seen major growth in the past two years, delivers 100% environmentally friendly garment cleaning and repair services. According to Michael Eisner, vice president of franchise development, Lapels Dry Cleaning has taken garment care into the 21st century and has seen an upward trend in the amount of laundry-service customers. By Elice Morgenson


FranServe Celebrates a Milestone Franniversary

When FranServe, Inc. was founded in 2012, the company had one goal: to help others achieve their dreams of business ownership through franchising. Now celebrating its 10th Franniversary, and thanks to the leadership of Alesia Visconti, the organization has grown to become the largest franchise consulting and expansion organization in the world. By Jessica Petrucelli


30 Minute Hit: A Fitness Concept That Just Hits Different

The 30 Minute Hit boxing and kickboxing-based concept for women offers the best of both worlds: a personally instructed workout in a group class setting. Members can drop in at any time and receive a 30-minute class tailored specifically to their skill level, with no limitations on which location they visit or the number of classes they can attend. By Elice Morgenson


Shop Talk

First Financial: Small Business COVID Support: What’s Out There?

The U.S. economy continues to take blows as it tries to pick itself back up out of the wake of COVID-19. From business closures to capacity cuts, those in the small-business space have witnessed a great deal of pain from pandemic-related restrictions. By John Mollica


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