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30 08, 2022

Transblue: Innovative Franchisee Tools Promote Growth

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Transblue, a general contracting franchise specializing in residential, commercial, governmental and multi-family properties, has released innovative proprietary software to facilitate effective business growth for franchisees. By Elice Morgenson


29 04, 2022

Transblue: Former Naval Officer Finds a Team to Lean On

2022-04-29T16:20:29-04:00April 29th, 2022|Tags: , , , |

After Zach Simms served as a flight officer in the U.S. Navy, flying as an electronic countermeasures officer in an EA-6B Prowler and completing multiple deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, he came home in 2016 and launched a career as a business strategy consultant. Within a year, he realized it wasn’t the job for him. By Jessica Petrucelli


28 02, 2022

Transblue: Designed for Long-term Growth

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According to recent sales numbers from Transblue – a leading general-contracting franchise that specializes in managing outdoor construction projects for residential, commercial, and municipal clients – homeowners are reinvesting in their homes in record numbers, and commercial construction is booming across the nation. By Jessica Petrucelli