30 08, 2022

Transblue: Innovative Franchisee Tools Promote Growth

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Transblue, a general contracting franchise specializing in residential, commercial, governmental and multi-family properties, has released innovative proprietary software to facilitate effective business growth for franchisees. By Elice Morgenson


29 04, 2022

Transblue: Former Naval Officer Finds a Team to Lean On

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After Zach Simms served as a flight officer in the U.S. Navy, flying as an electronic countermeasures officer in an EA-6B Prowler and completing multiple deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, he came home in 2016 and launched a career as a business strategy consultant. Within a year, he realized it wasn’t the job for him. By Jessica Petrucelli


28 02, 2022

Transblue: Designed for Long-term Growth

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According to recent sales numbers from Transblue – a leading general-contracting franchise that specializes in managing outdoor construction projects for residential, commercial, and municipal clients – homeowners are reinvesting in their homes in record numbers, and commercial construction is booming across the nation. By Jessica Petrucelli


31 01, 2022

Transblue: A Lasting Impact

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Known for its commitment to customer satisfaction, Transblue has provided top-of-the-line construction and project management services since 2004. Fifteen years later, the world-class general-contracting brand opened its doors to franchisees, many of whom have found success with the brand’s proven method and valuable vendor relationships with some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. By Brianna Bohn