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31 05, 2022

PayMore Stores: Tapping Into a Hot Market

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This year has brought fast growth for PayMore Stores, the industry leader in the new and used electronics market. The East Coast retailer is expanding across the country with recent deals inked in Wisconsin and Austin, Texas, and unit expansion in New York and North Carolina. By  Nancy E. Williams


29 04, 2022

PayMore Stores: Second-hand Electronics, First-rate Franchise

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With years of experience in the tech industry, Nick Facchiano aspired to own a business that aligned with his passions and offered a stable, unique opportunity. Facchiano, an employee of PayMore Stores at the time, quickly fell in love with the concept and team, and he opened his Cary, North Carolina, location shortly thereafter, in 2019. By Brianna Bohn


28 02, 2022

PayMore Stores: An Ideal Avenue for Entrepreneurs

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For entrepreneurs looking to strike out with an original, recession-proof concept and experienced franchise owners who wish to expand their suite of brands, Paymore stands out as a shiny option. By Lizzy Yeserski


30 11, 2021

PayMore Stores: Franchise Family is Growing Nationally and Internationally

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PayMore Stores has revolutionized the second-hand electronics industry with a concept that has an eco-friendly purpose. The brand, which has walk-in locations for customers to safely buy, sell and trade electronics, has repurposed close to 1.5 million devices since 2009, keeping the electronics from filling up landfills. By Brianna Bohn