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29 10, 2022

Runningboards Marketing: Changing the Landscape of Marketing

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Runningboards Marketing’s newest franchise owner was barely out of training when he landed his first deal. In August, Adli Alami purchased an RBM franchise in the central region of New Jersey, and he started training in September to learn all about his new business. By Nancy E. Williams


29 04, 2022

Runningboards Marketing: Marketing Magic

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For over 25 years, Jim Chapin has been in the marketing industry, and for 16 of those years, he has owned a successful advertising agency. When Chapin learned about Runningboards Marketing (RBM) and its innovative digital-advertising vehicle, DAV®, he didn’t think twice about investing in the emerging concept. By Brianna Bohn


28 02, 2022

Runningboards Marketing: Three Reasons (NOT) to Buy a Franchise

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In the franchise world, Runningboards Marketing (RBM) hasn’t been around as long as McDonald’s or 7-Eleven. After launching in 2018, the brand’s leadership quickly realized it had a special model that was perfect for franchising, and it did just that one year later. By Nancy E. Williams


31 01, 2022

Runningboards Marketing: Recurring Revenue Relieves Ownership Stress

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Christopher Page, director of business development for Runningboards Marketing, described the digital-mobile marketing brand in his own words. He said: “Our company gives businesses a unique way to get noticed, driving their message to where people are, and getting ahead of the competition.” By Nancy E. Williams


1 01, 2022

Mobile Franchise Poised for Growth: Runningboards Marketing

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Despite the pandemic and many other challenges that 2021 presented, emerging franchise Runningboards Marketing® (RBM) has found a way to help businesses grow. How? The franchise drives clients’ messages to people using the brand’s digital-advertising vehicle, DAV®, pronounced Dave. By Nancy E. Williams


30 11, 2021

Runningboards Marketing: Scalability

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Runningboards Marketing® (RBM) provides businesses with a unique way to drive messages to where the consumers are. When businesses use the brand’s digital advertising vehicle (DAV®), they can reach more customers and get ahead of the competition. The advertisements are mobile, customizable and trackable. By Nancy E. Williams