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30 11, 2021

FranServe’s Culture of Collaboration is a Game Changer

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Offering a wonderful opportunity for success through a proven system of operation and a built-in support network, franchise ownership can truly be considered a game changer. With a moderate capital investment, budding entrepreneurs can grow a business with plenty of recognition, often with a built-in customer base and demonstrated resources. By Jessica Petrucelli


1 11, 2021

Franchise Business Radio: Two Sides of the Business Equation

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As a franchise consultant, I frequently share with clients who are considering a franchise that there are two sides of the business equation to understand. One side is a complete understanding of the business model and what makes it franchise-able. By Pamela Currie


31 08, 2021

What the Heck is a Franchise Consultant? Yeah, But What If…

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Sometimes we can be so focused on the “what if’s,” we cannot see the potential in any opportunity set before us. What if this or what if that? How about this one: What if you’re successful beyond your imagination? By Don Clayton


31 01, 2021

Progress Over Perfection

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Striving for perfection is good but waiting to proceed until perfection is achieved is unnecessary. Sue Derene, FranServe Affiliate and Certified Franchise Consultant (CFC) puts it this way: “There’s no perfect time to go into business for yourself, but starting the process is progress!” By Don Clayton


31 01, 2021

Success from Home: Become a FranServe Franchise Consultant

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There’s never been a better time to work from home. On the heels of a global pandemic, professionals across all industries have been forced to work remotely, many for the first time. If you seek a satisfying career with excellent earning potential that can be achieved from a home office, consider becoming a Franchise Consultant. By Rochelle Miller


1 01, 2021

What the heck is a Franchise Consultant? – You Hold the Key

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Keys are meant to open certain doors. For example, your house has a special key, and that specific key doesn’t open the door to your neighbor’s house. Likewise, my safety deposit box key doesn’t open Bill Gates’ safety deposit box. Too bad… lol. You see, every key fills a specific purpose, to unlock something. By Don Clayton


2 09, 2020

The Atomic Age: Moving Forward

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I might be dating myself by recalling the anti-drug ads from the ‘80s and trying to relate them to franchising. The relevancy in my mind comes from the fact that restraint and saying no to something that feels good in the near term but will cause long term pain is much easier said than done. By Don Clayton


30 05, 2020

Franchisee of the Month: Jim & Marilyn Way

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Prior to opening their dream restaurant, the Ways each came from very different backgrounds. Marilyn enjoyed a 25-year career as a bus driver for the local school district, and plans on returning once schools are back in session. Jim worked for 26 years in various finance and operational roles for a major office-supply company. By Cindy Charette