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31 08, 2023

Communication Isn’t Always About Words

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Communication extends far beyond words. Some of the most important methods of communication encompass gestures, facial expressions, body language and even silence. As salespeople, we need to understand nuances of nonverbal cues, which will significantly enhance our ability to communicate effectively and build stronger relationships. By Nancy Friedman


30 05, 2023

Back to the Basics

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While the country is experiencing corporate downsizing and layoffs, we highly advise companies not to neglect the staff they have retained. Unfortunately, there are companies who while experiencing the emotional trauma of laying off staff, that forget they still have employees and those are the ones that must have customer service training. By Nancy Friedman


28 04, 2023

Do You Follow Up or Foul Up After the Sale?

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There are all sorts of reports, polls, and data on why customers leave a place of business, any business, due to poor service. Here’s one off the top of my head. We had a rather costly copy machine installed at our office a while back. We’ve never heard from anyone at the company. No thank you note. No nothing. Oh wait, we did get an invoice. And that’s just one item, one industry. By Nancy Friedman


30 03, 2023

Alternatives To Saying “NO”

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Here’s an important announcement from some of the many and varied surveys Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training has conducted over the years. A while back I wanted to find out how people felt when they were rejected. What came out of those interviews and surveys was no one wants to be told “no” at the start of a sentence. By  Nancy Friedman