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30 11, 2022

The Final ABCs of Franchise Relationships

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Hi all. We’re down to the final five of the Alphabet of Sales. I’ve had a great time sharing these tips and realize that each letter stands for many good sales tips. Whether you use these sales tips or others, have a great time in sales. That’s what it’s all about. FUN! By Nancy Friedman


31 01, 2022

Forgotten Customer Service Tips

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It appears most of us are familiar with the basics of customer service tips. Say please, say thank you, don’t use ‘no problem’ to replace ‘you’re welcome,’ smile, and the list goes on. I certainly encourage everyone to go back to the basics. They’re always great refreshers and won’t ever go out of style. By Nancy Friedman


1 11, 2021

The Art of Rapport Building

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Rapport building is not for everyone. By that, I mean that not everyone is good at it. Rapport building is an art, not science, and some of us are better at building rapport than others. For some, it’s a place where anxiety hangs high. By Nancy Friedman