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29 04, 2022

ProntoWash: Finding Success in Franchising

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After 20 rewarding years in the U.S. Air Force, Fred White retired to civilian life. Finding a new career as a veteran involves more than a salary or stability; White was looking for a career that matched his skills and interests. By Elice Morgenson


28 02, 2022

ProntoWash: A Global Leader

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Looking for a company that delivers top-notch service and is a master of the digital frontier? Look no further than ProntoWash. With 220 franchises in nine countries on three continents, this brand is a leader in the car-wash industry. By Jorgette Krsulic


31 01, 2022

Forgotten Customer Service Tips

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It appears most of us are familiar with the basics of customer service tips. Say please, say thank you, don’t use ‘no problem’ to replace ‘you’re welcome,’ smile, and the list goes on. I certainly encourage everyone to go back to the basics. They’re always great refreshers and won’t ever go out of style. By Nancy Friedman