For Jeremiah Fiel, selling and installing aftermarket truck accessories – including tires, wheels, bed liners, lighting, stereos, and more – is not just a business. It’s his passion. By Jessica Petrucelli

For Jeremiah Fiel, selling and installing aftermarket truck accessories – including tires, wheels, bed liners, lighting, stereos, and more – is not just a business. It’s his passion.

“I love what I do,” noted Fiel, who owns and manages Power Trucks USA with investment group Whitecap Enterprises. “I’m so absolutely passionate about the products and services that we sell, so it’s easy for me to find high-quality truck equipment for my customers. After all, I share the same enthusiasm for trucks, Jeeps, and off-road vehicles as they do.”

Fiel’s Warrenton, Virginia-based business was founded in 2005 after the father of four grew tired of working full time as an electrician while also operating a small commercial electrical company in Northern Virginia. He worked on a variety of job sites during the day and performed all of his business operations at night – never making it home in time for family dinner.

“I worked as an electrician for years,” he said. “I had young kids at the time and was driving hours into D.C. every day. I liked the job, but I hated the drive. Being away from family was tearing me apart. I wanted to do something closer to home, and I wanted a better quality of life.”

So he started spraying bed liners, which eventually evolved into the sale of truck accessories.

He quickly became an authority on everything from wheels and tires to fifth wheel hitches. He built a great reputation within the community and formed relationships with car dealerships in the surrounding areas. He soon extended his business into parallel markets, opening Snow and Ice LLC, a fleet of snowplow trucks, working for the state, and Open Air Marketing LLC, an outdoor mobile-advertising business. His success in all these segments of the industry recently enabled him to franchise the Power Trucks USA concept.

“We’ve been in operation now for close to 20 years, so I think it was the perfect time to franchise,” Fiel said. “Power Trucks USA has evolved so much over the past two decades, so I was very comfortable with this decision. The week we went live with our franchise news, we started getting territory inquiries immediately. I think this business will be successful as a franchise because we are really comfortable with what we do, and we run an extremely smooth operation. I’m very excited about this opportunity because this business has given me the greatest life in the world. Now, I can share that with others.”

Built on a solid foundation of outstanding customer service, the main goal of Power Trucks USA  is to completely satisfy every client that walks in the door. Specializing in truck and Jeep aftermarket accessories, the business is a one-stop shop for anyone interested in customizing their ride.

“We have anything and everything,” Fiel said. “Wheels, tires, window tints, ladder racks, toolboxes and more. And even though we specialize in trucks and Jeeps, we can customize any vehicle – whatever the customer desires.”

In these early stages of franchising, Fiel hopes to grow his business locally so that he can be very hands-on during every stage of the process. But in the coming months and years, he hopes to expand his reach across the country.

“I’m really focusing on the East Coast for now, because I think that’s a nice way to start locally and then grow out,” Fiel said. “But we’re already getting calls from Arizona and Texas, and I’m excited about that. I love Texas.”

It’s also important for Fiel’s future franchises to be very involved in their local communities.

“I’m involved in all the town soccer clubs and support every school, police station, and firehouse,” Fiel said. “We started as a mom-and-pop business and still like to think and act like one. I think, to an extent, we’ve lost that sense of community in this country, and I’d like to keep it alive in every franchise I open.”

Jessica Petrucelli