Mosquito Sheriff

30 03, 2022

Mosquito Sheriff: A Bright Future for Franchise Expansion

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As the only pest company that uses a 100% nontoxic, all-natural patented barrier spray carefully developed by chemists to be just as effective as other sprays, Mosquito Sheriff is excited to make a difference in even more U.S. neighborhoods. By Elice Morgenson


28 02, 2022

Mosquito Sheriff: A Thriving Opportunity With a Socially Responsible Spin

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Nothing puts a damper on a backyard summer shindig as quickly as blood-thirsty mosquitoes. Luckily, nothing puts a damper on the mosquitoes’ party quite like the Mosquito Sheriff treatment. By Tamara Rahoumi


31 01, 2022

Mosquito Sheriff: A Dedication to the Environment and Franchisee Success

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More brands than ever are helping new franchise owners start up their business from a home-based management office. In a mobile-services brand, franchise owners still go to clients to perform services, or their staff go while they manage the entire team’s schedule, get out to network, and complete local marketing efforts. By Dawn Abbamondi


30 11, 2021

Mosquito Sheriff: A Day in the Life of a Franchisee

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In February of this year, Brian Martin was one of the first franchise owners of a completely green, completely natural pest control company, Mosquito Sheriff. Martin was no stranger to the entrepreneurial world and had been operating a Patrice & Associates hospitality staffing franchise since 2017. This was a completely different franchise opportunity than what he was used to, and that interested him. By Elice Morgenson


31 10, 2021

Mosquito Sheriff: All-Green, All-Natural

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Patrice Rice, the founder of Mosquito Sheriff, saw a need in the community for a completely green, completely natural method of mosquito and pest control. She drew from her extensive history in franchising to create a business that has the success of the franchisee and the quality of the service at heart. By Elice Morgenson


30 09, 2021

Mosquito Sheriff: Never Give Up

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After starting Patrice & Associates, a talent acquisition firm, Patrice Rice’s passion for animals inspired her to take on another business venture and to create Mosquito Sheriff. Mosquito Sheriff is the only company using a nontoxic, all-natural barrier spray. By Elice Morgenson