30 08, 2022

strEATS: Scoring a Touchdown with a New Approach to Street Food

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When Joe Klassen first started Joey’s Seafood Restaurant – originally Joey’s Only – in 1985, he had a vision of creating a unique fast-casual dining experience around Canadians’ love for homestyle fish and chips. By Tamara Rahoumi


30 06, 2022

strEATS: Street to Table

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No matter where in the world you travel, chances are you can find a unique culinary experience on the streets of any city. From arepas in Venezuela to bánh mì in Vietnam, street food is the great unifier – even if what’s on the menu is different everywhere you go. By  Tamara Rahoumi


31 05, 2022

strEATS: Authentically Inauthentic

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While strEATS burst onto the scene in Calgary, Canada, in 2017, it wasn’t the team’s first rodeo. They had already solidified their claim to fame with Joey’s Seafood Restaurants, a staple in Canada since 1985, celebrated for fish and chips and a secret-family-recipe golden batter that Joe (Joey) Klassen developed himself. By Lizzy Yeserski


1 01, 2022

Waitress-Turned-Owner: StrEATS

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An innovative eatery that serves globally inspired street food with the freshest ingredients, strEATS has been a staple in 15 communities across Canada since 2017. Known for its delicious dishes, like the tandoori naan taco, chicken waffle poutine and tropical shrimp bowl, the brand has also been making an impact in the communities it serves. By Brianna Bohn