January 2023 Issue – Digital Articles

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Wicked Lick: From Change Orders to Toppings

When John Smotryski left his esteemed position in construction management to start an ice cream shop, much of his community was shocked. “A lot of people looked at me and said, ‘I can’t believe you’re leaving this great job to go to Key West and open an ice cream store.’ People were really surprised because it’s risky,” Smotryski said. By Sarah Lindauer


Southpaw Gym: A Pillar of Strength

Vic and Stephanie Lashley, the husband-and-wife team behind Southpaw Gym have created a no-frills space for members ages 4 and up. Dedicated to strengthening all aspects of a person, including their body, mind and soul, the Lashleys created a unique boxing and mixed martial arts gym that provides training while offering educational classes and seminars for members. By Elice Morgenson


L.A. Bikini: A Revolutionary Concept That Attracts Long-term Customers

When Clay Haley, CEO and co-founder of L.A. Bikini, discovered sugaring, he was surprised by the number of benefits the sugaring process had over the standard waxing experience. “I just couldn’t believe that a product of any kind could claim that many benefits over a rival product,” he said. By Kelsi Trinidad



Astrawatt Solar: Providing the Fuel of the Future

Astrawatt Solar aims to reinvent the solar installation experience completely, and that starts with educating customers about the benefits of solar power by a team of knowledgeable salesmen. Even though solar power is not a new concept, some customers aren’t aware of all the environmental and financial benefits that solar has to offer. By Kelsi Trinidad


Mobility City: A Feel-good Business Model Validated in a $5 Billion Industry

Vinny and Diane Baratta’s love story is movie script material. They first crossed paths in 2015 when Vinny fixed the mobility scooter of Diane’s late husband in the pouring rain. Fast forward to 2016, and they found themselves sitting across from each other at dinner after connecting on a dating app. Vinny and Diane fell in love and now co-own the cupid of their love story, Mobility City. By Sarah Lindauer


Hofbräuhaus of America: An Award-winning Eatery Offering Authentic Bavarian Flavors and Ingredients

Franz Krondorfer, vice president for Hofbräuhaus of America, LLC, has over 30 years of experience in the kitchen. A native of Linz, Austria, Krondorfer received a master chef degree in culinary arts in Germany. By Cindy Charette


N-Compass TV: Shaking Up the Advertising Industry

N-Compass TV is at the forefront of the booming digital out-of-home advertising industry. With over 3,000 digital screens in restaurants, gyms, hair salons, car-repair shops and dozens of other businesses across the U.S., N-Compass TV meets consumers where they eat, shop, work and play. By Patty Horansky


HomeVestors: Never Fear: The normalization of the real estate market has little effect

Alan Washer has been a Chicago-based HomeVestors® of America franchisee for over 20 years. Washer’s years of experience have helped him identify trends in the investment real estate industry, and this insight has helped him build success with HomeVestors, even during today’s tumultuous market. By Heidi Lubrani


Assisting Hands Home Care: The Tools & Expertise For Recruiting Caregivers

Hiring and retaining great talent has been challenging for almost every industry. Over the past 15 years, Assisting Hands® Home Care, a leading in-home care franchise, has leveraged its talent and experience to tackle hiring challenges head-on, providing franchise owners with invaluable tools. By Nancy E. Williams


FranServe, Inc.: Resilience

FranServe, Inc. is the world’s largest franchise consulting and expansion organization, with over 1,500 active FranServe Affiliate Franchise Consultants, franchise brands and professional suppliers in its portfolio. Alesia Visconti, CEO and President of FranServe, Inc., stepped into the role armed with 20 years of business experience as a C-level executive, driving organizational development and taking companies to the next level, both domestically and internationally. By Nancy E. Williams


Shop Talk


Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. However, investing in a franchise is a lot easier than going at it alone. The concept, materials, plans, systems, brand, etc. are all in place for you. Therefore, hundreds of people every day make the choice to invest in their future and dreams of becoming their own boss through the franchise ownership option. By Don Clayton


Culture & Core Values

I recently sat down with a panel of business professionals on the Social Geek Podcast to discuss building a great culture in a company or small business. Joining me were Derrick Ableman, marketing manager of Northeast Color, Liz Solar, voice actor and host of the Embark podcast, and Heather Anderson, Vice president of operations at Eulerity. By Jack Monson


Legal: What Does Winning Look Like?

Franchising is about creating a community of business owners working out of the same system and sharing the same goals, metrics, brand, system, etc. It is franchise malpractice to not have your franchisees reporting their numbers in a uniform way, which starts with a standard chart of accounts for your franchisees. If you don’t have a standard chart of accounts, then how do your franchisees know what winning looks like? By Tom Spadea


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