Southpaw Gym

28 03, 2023

Southpaw Gym: A Model That Fits Your Lifestyle

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Southpaw Gym offers a flexible model with room for scalability through multiple revenue streams. The New Jersey-based combat gym is the ideal investment opportunity for prospective franchisees wanting to make a difference in their community without feeling restricted by a one-size-fits-all concept. By Brianna Bohn


25 12, 2022

Southpaw Gym: A Pillar of Strength

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Vic and Stephanie Lashley, the husband-and-wife team behind Southpaw Gym have created a no-frills space for members ages 4 and up. Dedicated to strengthening all aspects of a person, including their body, mind and soul, the Lashleys created a unique boxing and mixed martial arts gym that provides training while offering educational classes and seminars for members. By Elice Morgenson


30 08, 2022

Southpaw Gym: Investing in Harmony and Balance

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When gyms closed at the beginning of the pandemic, many people lost their sense of community as they turned to exercising on their indoor bikes or lifting weights in their backyards. Since then, there has been a significant increase in foot traffic to gyms as well as web searches about them, according to the research firm Jefferies, and gym goers are on the hunt for something new. By Brianna Bohn


29 06, 2022

Southpaw Gym: Shaping Champions Inside and Outside of the Ring

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Growing up, Vic Lashley ate, slept and breathed boxing and mixed martial arts. He trained with renowned masters, grandmasters and senseis all over the world. The skills he had developed – including self-defense, discipline and dedication – have stayed with him, even through his service as an intelligence analyst in the U.S. Army and a correctional officer. By Brianna Bohn