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30 12, 2023

Home Helpers Home Care: BUILD YOUR FUTURE

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Home Helpers Home Care has been able to become a robust franchise in the home care industry over the past 26 years. The company has developed a franchise model that draws upon its many years working with its franchisees and includes a customized training model that provides more direct individualized training for its franchisees. By Kelsi Trinidad


27 07, 2023

Home Helpers® Home Care: Promoting Altruism

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Bianca Wise, president and franchise owner of Home Helpers® Home Care of Baltimore, has always been authentically altruistic. Before starting her franchise in 2018, she worked for a local fire department for 20 years, serving a large population of elderly and indigent communities. By Nancy E. Williams


28 04, 2023

Home Helpers® Home Care: Home Care Needs Skyrocket as Baby Boomers Age

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The Population Reference Bureau’s 2019 bulletin, Aging in the United States, reports that the number of Americans ages 65 and up is projected to almost double from 52 million to 95 million by 2060. As the baby boomer segment soars, so will the demand for exceptional care. By Lizzy Yeserski


29 03, 2023

Home Helpers® Home Care: The Potential to Change Lives

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When Steve and Julie Garrison opened their Home Helpers® Home Care in Lexington, Kentucky, they were familiar with the industry and knew how vital in-home senior-care services were for the community. Steve was a corporate director in one of the largest mental health boards in Kentucky, and Julie had extensive experience in sales. By Elice Morgenson


30 10, 2022

Home Helpers® Home Care: Celebrating 25 Years of Experience

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Emma Dickison is a leader with a mission. As CEO and president of Home Helpers® Home Care, she leads a senior-care franchise that marked a quarter-century of experience this year, helping families and their aging loved ones by providing a host of industry-leading in-home services. By  Patty Horansky


29 09, 2022

Home Helpers® Home Care: Failure Was Never an Option

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Erika Stupiello, owner of Home Helpers® Home Care of Sarasota, Florida, has been a franchisee since March 2019. Before joining Home Helpers, Stupiello moved to the U.S. from Brazil, where she had earned her doctorate in linguistics and worked as a professor. By Cindy Charette


31 07, 2022

Home Helpers® Home Care: An Essential Business Changing Lives Across America

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A renowned essential business, Home Helpers® Home Care helps aging individuals live in their homes as long and as safely as possible. Unlike other concepts that are feeling the effects of the current state of the economy and the pandemic, Home Helpers Home Care continues to present a franchise opportunity with promising potential. By Cindy Charette