Boulder Designs

26 12, 2022

Boulder Designs: A Franchise That Is Leaving Its Mark

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Jeff Humbard first noticed Boulder Designs in 2019 when he and his wife, Kim, attended a trade show in Las Vegas. Kim spotted a booth with a firepit and hoped to buy one. As it turned out, the booth wasn’t marketing fire pits but franchises for Boulder Designs. By Patty Horansky


31 05, 2022

Boulder Designs: Fathers Shaping the Future

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Over 25 years ago, Butch Mogavero, CEO of Boulder Designs, crossed paths with a man who changed his life. Mogavero shared how he made a lifelong friend and gained a mentor while working at one of the world’s largest franchising companies, The Dwyer Group®, Inc., now Neighborly®. By  Heidi Lubrani


29 04, 2022

Boulder Designs & Border Magic: Helping U.S. Service Members Realize Their Dreams

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There is no question that the skills and discipline U.S. military service members bring to the table set them up for success in business ownership and beyond. There is a question, however, of how to find a franchise that aligns with such respected core values. By Brianna Bohn


31 05, 2021

Boulder Designs: A Path to Success that’s Etched in Stone

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The Boulder Designs franchise produces unbelievable boulders with custom engraving and illumination that is second to none. It is the industry leader in customized stone production, and it’s the customers’ rave reviews that prove it. By Lizzy Yeserski


1 01, 2021

Boulder Designs: Brightening 2021 By Adding Illumination To Displays

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Boulder Designs is always developing new ways to bring an elegant natural look and the latest technology to its customers and franchisees and has recently brought illumination and electronic messaging systems to their boulder signage. Boulder Designs franchisees are thrilled to offer clients the addition of built-in LED lights to the award-winning boulders. By Rochelle Miller


30 11, 2020

Boulder Designs: Illuminating the Way For Rock-Star Franchisees’ Success

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Boulder Designs® has had an amazing year in 2020 with franchises popping up all over the country, resulting in tremendous growth! Franchisees rave about being part of the Boulder Designs family of businesses, and the feeling is mutual. Boulder Designs officials don’t hesitate to share the love for their franchisees and their businesses. By Rose Mango