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30 05, 2023

1Heart Caregiver Services: Determination Leads to Personal Freedom

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After earning his business degree and an MBA, Teodorico Azores Jr. knew he wanted to operate his own business. Of all the franchising opportunities available, Azores was drawn to the health service industry – he had grown up in a close-knit family and always enjoyed helping others. When it came time to invest in a franchise, one stood out: 1Heart Caregiver Services. By Brianna Bohn


30 11, 2021

MADabolic: Community Solidarity

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Corbin Jennings opened his first MADabolic studio in Arlington, Virginia, five years ago. Following Jennings’ second studio opening, Eric Bolden came on board as general manager in 2019. Since joining forces, the powerhouse team has gone full steam ahead, with two additional locations set to open late this year and another five in the pipeline. By Lizzy Yeserski


29 10, 2021

911 Restoration: Making a Difference

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After years of experience in the restoration industry, Eli Cabral and his wife, Chastity, knew they wanted to open their own restoration business to help even more people. The impact the 911 Restoration co-owners have had since opening their franchise in 2018 has been felt across their community. By Brianna Bohn


30 09, 2021

DEA Music & Art: Students Are Taught to Dream Big

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As a businesswoman and educator, Magi Kapllani understands the importance of dreaming big. Kapllani, CEO and founder of DEA Music & Art, started out by offering performing arts lessons in her living room. Once her roster expanded, she knew she could have an even greater impact on children in her community. By Brianna Bohn


30 11, 2020

Boulder Designs: Illuminating the Way For Rock-Star Franchisees’ Success

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Boulder Designs® has had an amazing year in 2020 with franchises popping up all over the country, resulting in tremendous growth! Franchisees rave about being part of the Boulder Designs family of businesses, and the feeling is mutual. Boulder Designs officials don’t hesitate to share the love for their franchisees and their businesses. By Rose Mango