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30 09, 2021

DEA Music & Art: Students Are Taught to Dream Big

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As a businesswoman and educator, Magi Kapllani understands the importance of dreaming big. Kapllani, CEO and founder of DEA Music & Art, started out by offering performing arts lessons in her living room. Once her roster expanded, she knew she could have an even greater impact on children in her community. By Brianna Bohn


31 08, 2021

DEA Music & Art: Inspiring Children to Perform and Succeed

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DEA Music & Art is focused on the importance of music and its impact on a child’s development, offering individual instruction on piano, guitar, violin and drums, as well as vocal courses, and syllabi for the visual and performing arts. By Jessica Jones


31 01, 2021

DEA Music & Art: Turning Childhood Inspiration into a Business

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Magi Kapllani was raised in a musical home. Her mother was a pianist, her father a composer, and she was inspired by their talent. She left her Albania homeland to pursue her master’s degree in piano performance at the age of 19. By Jessica Jones