Mobility City

28 04, 2023

Mobility City: A Synergistic Strategy for Success

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Looking back on 2022, Mobility City celebrated many firsts, beginning with successfully adding locations, reaching 50 across the country. This growth further proves that Mobility City – which was always considered an essential business – continues to be a pandemic-proof and recession-proof business. By Cindy Charette


28 03, 2023

Mobility City: Making the World a Better Place With Personal Mobility Devices

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When it comes to senior services, many options address the needs of caring for people at home or in a facility. However, when it comes to personal mobility equipment for the elderly and the disabled, Mobility City has carved out a niche business selling, renting and repairing personal mobility equipment. This strategy has proven successful since the brand began franchising four years ago. By Cindy Charette


26 12, 2022

Mobility City: A Feel-good Business Model Validated in a $5 Billion Industry

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Vinny and Diane Baratta’s love story is movie script material. They first crossed paths in 2015 when Vinny fixed the mobility scooter of Diane’s late husband in the pouring rain. Fast forward to 2016, and they found themselves sitting across from each other at dinner after connecting on a dating app. Vinny and Diane fell in love and now co-own the cupid of their love story, Mobility City. By Sarah Lindauer


31 05, 2020

Providing the Highest Quality Service to Those with Mobility Challenges

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Mobility City is a one-of-a-kind business, providing repair and cleaning of mobility equipment, which includes wheelchairs, power chairs, scooters and more. This pioneering business serves groups, facilities, hospitals, organizations and individuals with restricted mobility because of their age, injuries caused by accidents, illness and other conditions. By Rose Mango


30 03, 2020

A new franchise concept: Tech-in-a-Truck™

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Mobility City offers one-of-a-kind mobile cleaning, repair, rental, and maintenance for wheelchairs, power-chairs, scooters, lift-out chairs, and other mobility aids. It offers its services to hospitals, veterans, seniors, and disabled people of all ages. Their franchisees are supported through training, marketing and a commitment to help them grow. By Rose Mango