L.A. Bikini

30 07, 2022

L.A. Bikini: A Passion for Beauty Leads to a Booming Business

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Having a clear vision for what you’re most passionate about will always fuel your pursuit of that passion. This stands true for Michele Sottosanti. She always knew that she had a certain fondness for the beauty industry and worked several years as a regional and district manager for hair and beauty companies. By Jennifer Callender


30 06, 2022

L.A. Bikini: A Unique Concept

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Since founding L.A. Bikini in 2012 and franchising the concept in 2014, Clay Haley has grown the hair removal and sugaring studio exponentially. Originally established in Birmingham, Alabama, the business quickly spread to 12 franchised locations in seven states within its first few years of operation and even maintained growth during COVID – a fact in which Haley takes great pride. By  Jessica Petrucelli


29 04, 2022

L.A. Bikini: The Sugar Experience Is Redefining an Industry

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L.A. Bikini is bringing the ancient technique of sugaring to today’s consumer. A simpler and safer form of hair removal, sugaring uses an all-natural sugar paste formulation to remove unwanted hair without the harsh chemicals of waxing. By Jorgette Krsulic


30 12, 2021

L.A. Bikini: A Sweet Recipe for Success

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Clay Haley, owner and creator of L.A. Bikini, a sugaring hair-removal studio, entered the business world with the sole desire to offer clients the absolute best customer experience. In 2011, Haley was introduced to a concept that was unfamiliar to most in his Birmingham, Alabama, community: sugaring for hair removal. By Elice Morgenson