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31 01, 2023

NEXClean: The Truth About Work Ethic

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If a franchisor suggests that your job as a franchisee will be “effortless” or “without challenges,” you might want to question their business model. While established brands provide invaluable tools and ongoing support, it’s important to remember that effort is needed to turn those resources into results. By Brianna Bohn


30 12, 2021

L.A. Bikini: A Sweet Recipe for Success

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Clay Haley, owner and creator of L.A. Bikini, a sugaring hair-removal studio, entered the business world with the sole desire to offer clients the absolute best customer experience. In 2011, Haley was introduced to a concept that was unfamiliar to most in his Birmingham, Alabama, community: sugaring for hair removal. By Elice Morgenson