Assisting Hands Home Care

29 02, 2024

Assisting Hands® Home Care: A Local Touchpoint

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Before deciding to become an Assisting Hands® Home Care franchise owner, Brett Sanders was at a turning point in his career. He had been a corporate certified public accountant and worked in auditing and risk consulting for 18 years. While he describes himself as a numbers person and enjoyed accounting, he didn’t like being stuck in an office all the time. By Kelsi Trinidad


29 11, 2023

Assisting Hands® Home Care: Securing Your Future in the Booming Home Care Industry

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In 2003, Dr. Gail Silverstein was looking for care for her elderly father, but she couldn’t find a care solution with which she was completely comfortable. With 25 years of experience in the health industry and a doctorate in public administration, Silverstein saw this dilemma as an opportunity to provide people with the care that she wished existed for her father and the loved ones of many others. By Kelsi Trinidad


30 08, 2023

Assisting Hands® Home Care: A Culture of Family

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Assisting Hands® Home Care is a leading nonmedical in-home care agency providing seniors and other homebound individuals with exceptional service and personalized attention. Founded in 2006, the brand prides itself on the training and support it offers to the Family of Franchise Owners, or FOFO®. By Patty Horansky


28 03, 2023

Assisting Hands® Home Care: Innovative Home care University Sees Results

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As a leader in the nonmedical home care industry, Assisting Hands® Home Care provides personalized care to seniors and others in the comfort of their homes. Assisting Hands has won numerous awards, including being ranked No. 22 on Entrepreneur’s Top Franchises for Less Than $100,000 Ranking in 2022. By Nancy E. Williams


27 02, 2023

Assisting Hands® Home Care: Caring for Seniors Provides a Bright Future

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Armando Morales was an executive in the tech industry who traveled three weeks every month. Although he found success in his career, he was motivated to make a change; his two aging parents needed in-home care due to bedbound illnesses, and his search to find them the care they needed was both frustrating and disappointing. By Nancy E. Williams


26 12, 2022

Assisting Hands Home Care: The Tools & Expertise For Recruiting Caregivers

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Hiring and retaining great talent has been challenging for almost every industry. Over the past 15 years, Assisting Hands® Home Care, a leading in-home care franchise, has leveraged its talent and experience to tackle hiring challenges head-on, providing franchise owners with invaluable tools. By Nancy E. Williams