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July 2021 Articles


Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard: The Stuff Dreams are Made Of

When fans see the iconic red and white stripes behind the Rita’s name, whether they’re at a baseball stadium, boardwalk or friendly neighborhood corner, they know they’ll see long lines of eager customers, too. These happy guests (more like cult followers) can’t wait to get some of this delectable frozen heaven. By Lizzy Yeserski


Auxo Medical: Meeting the Demand for Growth in the Medical Supply Market

Auxo Medical, LLC, a long-time leader in the medical supply and equipment service industry, is proud to announce the launch of a new franchise opportunity. This opportunity provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the chance to open a business, driven by a unique and in-demand service offering. By Rose Mango


Fitness Machine Technicians: A Day in the Life of a Franchisee

When Julie and Scott Jenney found themselves as empty nesters after raising three children, they began to think about what they wanted to do next. The two had become used to a flexible schedule, working for themselves from home, so they began to look into franchise ownership to maintain that lifestyle. By Cindy Charette


Rachel’s Kitchen: Pleasing Every Palate with a Fresh, Diverse Menu

Rachel’s Kitchen is not new to franchising. The company has been in the process of licensing since 2008 and opened its first Las Vegas Valley location in 2010. But CEO and founder Debbie Roxarzade still considers her gourmet fast/casual business to be a young, developing brand. By Jessica Jones


Honest Abe Roofing: A Recession-proof Business Model

Honest Abe Roofing has been installing, repairing and maintaining residential roofs across the country since 2005. Officials with the Indiana-based franchise take pride in it being a recession-proof business that’s part of the essential home-improvement sector. By Jessica Jones


Assisting Hands® Home Care: Valuing Their Community

The core of the senior-care industry is about helping families. Lane Kofoed, CEO of Assisting Hands® Home Care, and his wife, Tammy, represent this value throughout all aspects of their lives. Assisting Hands is one of the leading in-home care franchises, offering exceptional customer service and personalized care. By Nancy E. Williams



Network in Action: Building Relationships That Last a Lifetime

Many of us enjoy meeting and creating lasting relationships with other business owners but would prefer more productive results after attending a networking meeting. That was Scott Talley’s view, and the inspiration for founding Network In Action (NIA). By Elice Morgenson


Mr. Transmission and Milex Complete Auto Care: Roaring into summer

For over 30 years, the Moran Family of Brands has been a leader in the automotive franchise industry. Two of those automotive franchises, Mr. Transmission and Milex Complete Auto Care, have seen great growth and serve customers all over the U.S. By Nancy E. Williams


Manduu: The Hottest New Fitness Phenomenon

Manduu’s revolutionary new whole-body fitness program is exploding in popularity. As the first Food and Drug Administration-approved electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) strength training program in the country, Manduu uses state-of-the-art technology to provide an efficient low-impact workout By Lizzy Yeserski


FranServe: Annual Convention to be Virtual

The FranServe Inc. annual convention, well-known in the franchising business for its exciting and fun format, easy pace, outstanding attendance and participation, top industry speakers, and an endless array of surprises, will be hosted this month from July 12 to 14, building upon the success of last year’s virtual format. By Jessica Jones


Shop Talk

Social Media to Help Franchisee Staffing Challenges

It’s been terrific to get back out to in-person franchise events over the past few months. Organizations like National Event Management and MFV Expo have done a fantastic job of getting franchise brands and entrepreneurs together again to discuss opportunities face-to-face in great cities like Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Nashville, and many more. By Jack Monson


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