Network In Action

31 01, 2022

Network In Action: Career Options and Solutions

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A new virtual model allows Network In Action’s (NIA) meeting leaders the freedom to maintain complete control over their schedule, and with the brand’s recent international expansion, meeting leaders can work from anywhere in the world. By Elice Morgenson


30 11, 2021

Network In Action: Making Connections That Reach Around the World

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On November 26, 30 new Network In Action (NIA) groups were launched simultaneously using a revolutionary virtual model. NIA is a business networking group for professionals that utilizes innovative technology and a professionally trained group leader to meet the needs of modern business owners. By Elice Morgenson


31 07, 2021

Network In Action: A Calling to Lead

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Entrepreneurs with a vision for changing their community will find a perfect fit as a Network in Action (NIA) group leader. Scott Talley, the founder of NIA, stated: “Everything we do is built around adding value for our members, as opposed to just putting on a show for the guests.” By Elice Morgenson


30 06, 2021

Network in Action: Building Relationships That Last a Lifetime

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Many of us enjoy meeting and creating lasting relationships with other business owners but would prefer more productive results after attending a networking meeting. That was Scott Talley’s view, and the inspiration for founding Network In Action (NIA). By Elice Morgenson


31 05, 2021

Network In Action: Networking Brings Like-Minded Professionals Together

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Networking remains the most effective and substantial method of business development and marketing. For many of us, the success of our career depends on our ability to create an exceptional group of professional relationships. Network In Action (NIA) takes the concept of networking and creates a modern version that fits fast-paced lifestyles and strengthens the community it touches. By Elice Morgenson