January 2024 Issue – Digital Articles

January 2024 Issue – Digital Articles2023-12-29T14:45:35-05:00


Bazooka Charlie’s Barber Co.: More Than a Haircut

When someone steps into a Bazooka Charlie’s Barber Co., they can expect much more than just a haircut. This emerging brand strives to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all of its clients. From the moment they walk through the door, they’ll be met with eye-catching wall murals, comfortable barber chairs and, most importantly, down-to-earth stylists who love what they do. By Shelby Green


Floor Coverings: A Day in the Life of a Franchisee

Floor Coverings International has swept across the U.S. and Canada by opening over 250 locations and counting since 1988, while maintaining impactful business practices and extraordinary customer service. For Brad Brown, the owner of the Las Vegas West location, the brand has empowered him to care for his family and create lucrative opportunities for others. By Lizzy Yeserski


Discover Strength: Built Solid on Exercise Science

Discover Strength is a one-on-one personal strength-training franchise built on science that delivers results for clients in two 30-minute sessions per week. Founded in 2006 and franchised in 2020, this emerging boutique brand is not fad or fashion driven, but it employs degreed exercise physiologists trained in the latest science. By Nancy E. Williams



Schooley Mitchell: A Truly Recession-Proof Business Model

As the new year approaches, companies of all sizes and industries work diligently to finalize their budgets. However, with a recession looming over the economy, many companies are looking to cut costs wherever they can even if those cuts may affect their future profitability. Dennis Schooley, founder of cost reduction firm Schooley Mitchell, believes that there is a much better way to approach cost reduction for these businesses. By Shelby Green


All Med Search: Outstanding Service

Under the professional leadership of Nadia Gruzd, CEO of All Med Search, the brand is committed to providing outstanding service to its healthcare clients and candidates. Gruzd’s expertise as a top global healthcare talent acquisition and recruiting expert enables her to aid healthcare organizations in developing staffing strategies and reaching business objectives. By Cindy Charette


Shop Talk

LEGAL: When Should You Start Your Brand Fund? TODAY!

As the old saying goes, ‘The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.’ Many emerging and startup franchisors hold off on collecting their brand fund fees because they don’t have a plan for the money, and they are still getting used to being franchisors. Brands that put off collecting it when they start, struggle with the implementation of the brand fund on franchisees who have been in the system for years and have grown accustomed to not paying into the fund. It can become a very difficult and politically sensitive issue to start charging after years of never charging. By Tom Spadea


Debunking Unfounded Beliefs

Sometimes people have thoughts and beliefs that are unfounded about franchise ownership. Therefore, it’s very important for anyone seeking to invest in a franchise speak with a franchise consultant first. One of the misguided beliefs is that it may take years to re-coup your investment and/or it may take months to build a client base. By Don Clayton


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