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31 05, 2024

HealthyYou Vending: Changing Eating Habits Lead to Growth

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HealthyYOU Vending and its owner-operators are flourishing in the current retail vending machine market. According to a KCRA article, “Eating habits have changed, and people are increasingly snacking instead of eating traditional meals.” The article explained that almost 64% of global consumers prefer smaller meals instead of a few large ones. By Nancy E. Williams


30 04, 2024

HealthyYOU® Vending: Bloomberg TV’s ‘World’s Greatest’ Company

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For 25 years, HealthyYOU® Vending has offered an in-demand turnkey business opportunity that places healthy food and wellness products in front of eager consumers. Recently, the company was featured on Bloomberg Television’s show “World’s Greatest.” By Nancy E. Williams


1 03, 2024

HealthyYOU Vending: Flexibility and Growth

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The vending franchise sector is very popular with entrepreneurs looking for a low-capital investment and minimal hours required to operate the business. HealthyYOU Vending is a leading vending opportunity that boasts no royalty fees as well as a quick startup time, passive income model and recession-resistant qualities.  By Nancy E. Williams


30 12, 2023

HealthyYou Vending: Prioritizing Wellness on the Go

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Each year millions of people make New Year’s resolutions regarding their health and fitness, but by the time February rolls around, many struggle to stick to them. One reason people have difficulty staying committed to their health goals is the lack of access to nutritious, tasty snacks while they’re on the go. By Shelby Green