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December 2020 Articles


Daily Jam: Mouthwatering Presentations and Happy Vibes

Although Berekk Blackwell is the president of Daily Jam, he cannot help but think back to what drew him in initially as a customer. According to Blackwell, Daily Jam had a good reputation in the community, possibly due in part to the undeniably warm, happy, and contagious vibe customers felt once inside. By Cindy Charette


PuroClean: Restoring Lives – One Property at a Time

Robin and Chris Hoy, a PuroClean wife-and-husband team, have been successful franchise owners in their community for the past 10 years. Back in 2010, the Hoys made a decision that it was the right time to transition from their construction business and look into new opportunities to continue to help people during their times of need. By Cindy Charette


Bitbox ATM: Seeking Entrepreneurial Mindsets

With Bitbox ATM, the most important requirements for becoming a franchisee are an entrepreneurial mindset and an interest in building recurring monthly income. Because no experience is required, and Bitbox teaches everything needed to run the business successfully, owners and prospects come from a wide variety of backgrounds. By Cindy Charette


FASTSIGNS: Continuing Nationwide Growth as an Essential Business

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, FASTSIGNS International Inc. was quick to act. As the franchisor of FASTSIGNS®, the leading sign, graphics, and visual communications brand, it was important to ensure FASTSIGNS centers across the U.S. could continue to operate, and the leadership team worked closely with state and local governments to have FASTSIGNS centers deemed as essential businesses. By Jessica Jones



Jabz Boxing: A Seamless Transition from Trainer to Owner

After dedicating nearly two decades to a sales career that required extensive overnight travel, Josette Rosene left her job to be home with her husband and their three children. Initially, the change of pace was challenging for Rosene, who was used to being busy all of the time, so when she came across a Jabz Boxing trial offer, she rounded up several friends and attended her first Jabz Boxing class. By Cindy Charette


Boulder Designs: Illuminating the Way For Rock-Star Franchisees’ Success

Boulder Designs® has had an amazing year in 2020 with franchises popping up all over the country, resulting in tremendous growth! Franchisees rave about being part of the Boulder Designs family of businesses, and the feeling is mutual. Boulder Designs officials don’t hesitate to share the love for their franchisees and their businesses. By Rose Mango


Global Financial: Opening Doors to New Possibilities

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many businesses function, entirely shutting operations for many but opening new avenues of investment for others. For Global Financial Training Program, a national company that secures financing for businesses and real-estate investors who have been turned down by banks, the health crisis has fostered many new opportunities. By Jessica Jones


Bailey Seafood: Bringing Fresh, Hand-Breaded Seafood to the East Coast

Launched in Buffalo, New York in 1985 with only one employee, Bailey Seafood, born from George Kontras’ love of fish, quickly anchored itself as the area’s go-to spot for a fast and fresh dinner. Obsessing over quality and one-of-a-kind menu items not found anywhere else, the family owned business quickly grew, serving its famous Belly Busters and Haddock Super Sandwich to lines of hungry customers. By Jessica Jones


Serving Up Success: How FranServe guides people to their franchising bliss

As CEO of FranServe, Inc., Alesia Visconti heads the world’s largest franchise consulting organization. Here, she reveals what led her to franchising, how FranServe Franchise Consultants help business ownership dreams come true, and what a true entrepreneur should do to ensure success. By Rochelle Miller


Paul Davis Restoration: Fighting COVID-19 in Workplaces and Public Buildings

For over 50 years, Paul Davis Restoration has repaired residential and commercial properties damaged by fire, water, mold, storms, and other disasters. With over 300 independently owned franchises in the U.S. and Canada, the company works with professionals who are certified in emergency restoration and reconstruction, tackling every disaster with a blend of compassion and logistical recovery skills. By Jessica Jones


Shop Talk

Succe$$ Tips: It’s Not a Complaint. It’s an Invite to Explore.

No one gets excited over a complaint about their business, but smart entrepreneurs don’t get all twisted up either. It’s impossible to please everyone all of the time and, at some point or another, even the best companies are going to receive a criticism. What separates successful entrepreneurs from ones who are unsuccessful is how that comment is viewed and handled. By Alesia Visconti


Game Changer

As with any year coming to an end, we look forward to what is coming next. Nothing could be truer as we approach the end of 2020. The question is, what to do? Furthermore, how to do it? If you are “stuck” in a job you don’t like, with people (even working virtually) you don’t like, it’s time for something you DO like. By Dawn Abbamondi


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